The censorship is done in the name of protecting public safety and morality.

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by SP

Documents leaked to Project Veritas by a Pinterest insider reveal that the San Francisco-based social media company has blocked links from Zero Hedge and several conservative or religious-based websites – adding them to a ‘porn domain block list’ originally intended to keep the platform free of sexually explicit material.

Veritas has published several internal documents and interviewed the insider, who explained how the company with nearly 300 million active monthly users censors pro-life and Christian content. The leak reveals an aggressive campaign to censor conservative content under the guise of ‘hate speech’ And ‘fake news.’

In addition, Christopher Bollyn’s new Patreon site was censored and shut down.  (Bollyn is a well known advocate of the position that the 911 attacks and the GWOT were initiated by Israeli intelligence.)

Also included in the censoring are vaccine safety advocates and those who suspect that autism and TH1/TH2 skew conditions (allergies, asthma, eczema and ADHD) may be an effect of the over use of vaccines.  Facebook appears to be shadow banning any mention of the term “vaccine.”

We have shifted our primary information sources and discussion forums into the hands of private parties who have the power to control the discourse as they “own” these domains.

Along with worsening polical tension and economic stresses, the increased censorship signals the breaking point is closer than before, IMHO.


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