The Chauvin Verdict Proved Riots and Intimidation WORK. Expect More of It.

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by Terry Trahan

The verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial prompted the writing of this article. No matter what you think of the officer’s actions, this has been a catalytic action in the insurgency or riots and intimidation that we are witnessing now.

Editor’s Note: I’m the author of the headline, which some may find inflammatory. Let me take a quick moment of Terry’s article to explain what I mean by this. Representative Maxine Waters urged activists to intimidate jurors in the trial. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said, “Her message was clearly intended to get to the jury: “If you will acquit or if you find the charge less than murder, we will burn down your buildings. We will burn down your businesses. We will attack you. We will do what happened to the witness—blood on their door.”

And then, somehow, Chauvin was found simultaneously guilty of charges that meant he intentionally killed  George Floyd and charges that meant it was accidental or negligent. It seems impossible for a death to be both accidental and intentional, yet here we are. Please note that my commentary has nothing to do with my thoughts on Chauvin’s guilt or innocence, but on the mob scene surrounding the trial, fans flamed by a sitting member of the United States Congress.  ~ Daisy

Make no mistake, we are in the opening salvos of the latest generation of an insurgency to overturn the basic fabric of our society. When an enemy gives you information, it is wise to listen to it. Maybe that is why it is called Intelligence.

A dangerous precedent of intimidation has now been established

As I listened to a round-up of on-the-street interviews with protestors yesterday, one thing became crystal clear. They have determined that their actions over the last year have handed them a victory in the trial outcome. So rather than being satisfied that the system worked, they vow to ramp up their actions, advance their agenda, and move forward harder.

Once a revolutionary gets a taste of victory, it emboldens them and gives them fuel to keep fighting. Arguing whether the revolutionaries are based in reality or debating the merits of their complaints is futile. We are now in a place where if anything occurs against their “side”, the revolutionaries have proof that direct action (riots) works. 

Organizers and higher-ups in this insurgency and their media propagandizers have let it be known their goal is to overthrow the system as it stands by defunding the police and rethinking our system. They are now actively using terms like “Abolition of the Police,” “Reimagine America,” leaving no doubt about their motives.

Comparing the various news sources recently, it was painfully apparent revolutionaries have cover from their allies in the media. One after another, guest and commentator kept on using the language of collective guilt, America being on trial, and goading on the vanguard in the street. 

Protest leaders claim violent and non-violent protests have now been justified

Bryan Llenas, a reporter from FOX News spoke to protesters after the verdict in the Chauvin trial. Below is a portion of that interview:

BRYAN LLENAS: What we’ve been hearing tonight from a lot of the leaders of these protests is a couple of things. One, this one guilty verdict is not going to bring justice. As a matter of fact, the leader of this shut it down New York City group told the crowd that the mission is abolition that means to abolish the police. The solution is abolition. These are the things that the leaders were telling the group.

On top of that, we also spoke to Hawk Newsome, who is a leader of the Greater New York BLM group, who said that this verdict actually justifies the violent and the non-violent protests. He says that it was the violent protests and the rioting that actually helped bring about this verdict. He mentioned the fact that Rodney King as well as others they did not get the justice that they sought. And now they believe that with this threat of rioting and the mixture of violent and nonviolent protests, that this is why they received the result that they did. So there isn’t a celebratory mood here.

So they’re no longer differentiating between a riot and a protest. Now, they’re calling riots “violent protests.”

Recognize the danger of riots. Know what to do and NOT do

Most of these suggestions are common sense stuff. However, I think a constant review of these things is crucial.

  • Just don’t be there: Stay away from crowds. Stay away from protests. Just stay away, especially as evening comes.
  • Resist the urge to share your thoughts and opinions: In this era of 5th gen warfare, you face many more dangers than just physical reprisal. An emboldened enemy will start rolling with the momentum they feel. As well, don’t argue, don’t have bumper stickers on your vehicle, and be more circumspect before publicly sharing any information. Gray is the new black.
  • Be ready for things to erupt, anytime, in any location: Many advise limiting your time in populated areas. Make your ventures to shop or do business as short as possible. If your life does not allow this luxury, situational awareness is key – please be aware of what is going on around you. 
  • Always have an escape plan: Make sure to note entrances, exits, emergency exits, and alternatives, such as windows, non-support walls, etc. Having an escape plan also means practicing safe defensive/offensive driving, leaving space between vehicles, not getting boxed in when possible, and not engaging in aggressive behavior while behind the wheel. This is another aspect of situational awareness that you should constantly work on improving.
  • Realize you will be your own first responder: With budget cuts, the tone of public sentiment, and lack of support from higher-ups, police have their hands full. Officers may be hesitant to get involved in such situations. With no police, EMT/Rescue will be held up, reinforcing the personal first responder concept.
  • Understand that people’s emotions are running very high: Not everyone has dealt with the happenings of the last year well, which has affected their mentality. Violence is a normal response when people feel threatened and scared. It will become more common, especially with the seeds the media sows. Even in the middle of a strong disagreement, keep your wits about you. Don’t get sucked into others’ emotions that can have a bad ending for you.
  • Practice Safe Secs: InfoSec, PerSec, OpSec. Security is your buffer between you and the outside. The less Intelligence available about you, the better off you will be.

The riots are far from over

This turn of events has changed my focus. My follow-up articles will examine everything from the view of a long-term, slow-burn event. Topics will include informal intelligence gathering, passive defense, neighborhood networks, cooperative relationships, and more. 

Here are a few sources of information I highly recommend:

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Readers would be wise to mine all of Selco and Toby’s articles on The Organic Prepper and their books, courses, and webinars for every bit of information one can get. Visit their Patreon, Resilience Hub, for even more timely and relevant survival information.

One of my group members, Don Roley, has a book, “Killer Chaos: Surviving the Crazy Years” that I highly recommend. Killer Chaos is a peek into what many of us see right around the corner. Several articles written recently by Michael Bane and John Farnam offer guidance on avoiding inviting trouble into your life. I think this is even more important given the new era we crossed into this week.

In a more direct, immediate sense, some readers will find the articles I’ve written on surviving mobs, being taken hostage, and having medical skills and gear helpful. 

Be smart, stay safe.

Do you think the riots affected the verdict?

Do you think that jurors’ decisions were influenced by riots and intimidation? Do you think that the Chauvin verdict has emboldened activists? Do you expect the riots to continue or even worsen? Do you think we’re going to see more violence and more protests? What are your thoughts about the future? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Terry Trahan has been a long term martial artist and teacher of personal protection, as well as an author for numerous publications. His experiences from being a gang member, enforcer, protection specialist, and bouncer have given his teachings a strong bent towards the practical. Fighting his way out of extreme poverty and some unsavory environs also gives him insight into survival and everyday life not often commented on. He can be contacted at terry.trahan at


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