The clear corruption of our trusted platforms this year should spark an awakening in all of us

Sharing is Caring!

by AllenWarfield

No matter what happens today in terms of the election, the establishment of the mainstream internet platforms has gone too far this year. They have only demonstrated that the orwellian dystopia is guaranteed when we hand over liberties for short term pleasure. The censorship and thought policing that took place in our recent time shows that without action, the future will only become darker. We need freedom of speech and expression, we need distributed platforms because power corrupts absolutely when we surrender our attention to this digital paradigm.

We already have solutions! We have decentralized platforms that provide a bridge to breakaway from the corporations that harvest our attention for their profit. They only win when we BELIEVE there are no other options. But there are, and I’ve compiled a list of my recommended distributed alternatives to the commons.

YouTube Alternatives



Reddit/Twitter Alternatives



Discord / Telegram Alternative


Google Drive / Cloud Storages



Finance / Monetary Economies




Feel free to use this post to make your own suggestions if you have any as well. This digital breakaway does not mean that we are required to exclusively use one platform or another, but we need to develop the decentralized environment with our thoughts, creativity, and overall attention for the internet to remain free. Familiarize yourself with platforms outside of the mainstream, every action you make on these solutions is another step in the revolution.




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