The Clinton Body Count is real?

by 2201992

The internet was making jokes that this guy will be found Suicided the day this story broke. Never Forget! True Journalism will always be a threat to the powers that be.

While this is a old story I find it important to remind the community that the Clinton Body Count is real. People who cross the Clintons always magically find themselves dead of Suicide.

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Go on YouTube when the original story broke and you can find people joking saying “This guy will be found dead”. And a bunch of other similar side comments all the way back in 2016. This should be investigated as a murder but like always it’s a “Suicide”. I believe this case is the clearest cut case that the Clinton Body Count is real. People were joking this guy will be found dead of Suicide and sure enough he was found dead of suicide 6 years later. Is this a Self Fulfilling prophecy? Or is this case of everyone knowing something will happen because he crossed the Clintons and we all know what happens when you cross the Clintons. You end up like Epstein.

Edit: It’s also interesting that this “Suicide” happens during a Democrat Presidency instead of a Republican Presidency. Joe Biden’s people won’t be connecting this to the Clintons in anyway shape or form.



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