The collapse in Human CO2 Emissions has not had ANY effect on Atmospheric CO2

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by Natura Naturans

If humans are responsible for the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere why isn’t it going down? Here is a chart that shows NO CHANGE in the average pattern:

Here is a longer term chart that shows remarkable regularity:

This is evidence that much of CO2 is likely increasing from a natural source, and warm oceans (just like water vapor) is a likely source.

Oceans the biggest reservoir of CO2. A simple experiment – open a can of Coke and let it warm to room temperature. You will see it loses much of its fizz.

At the very least 2 things are obvious, 1) this is showing there is reason to question the origins of COs’s increase (note my words question, not just accept it blindly) and 2) That people pushing economic shutdowns as a way to combat global warming are apparently unaware of this glaring gash in their argument. CO2 is quick to react to changes. That is why you see the big downturns and upturns as the greening northern hemisphere demonstrate plants love of CO2 (solution plant trees) and what happens when they are not there (winter).…he_source/

This destroys the ENTIRE green agenda. If humans have little or nothing to do with rising CO2 than why try to cutback on our emissions? The Earth wants more CO2 and WE CAN’T STOP THAT.



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