The Conflict in Ukraine is Manufactured By The Same Usual Suspects

by Chris Black

So many top foreign policy strategists, international relations scholars and political leaders in the West predicted an outcome like we are seeing with the Russian invasion of Ukraine for decades – check out this twitter thread for example: 

The only possible conclusion one can draw is that the American leadership wanted this war, because they want Cold War II.

The question is why they think Cold War II is a good idea, what they stand to gain from it, and who exactly “they” are that stand to gain. Or, is the American elite so retarded that they don’t realize what a colossal strategic error this is for them? That’s certainly how it seems to me, bipolarity will completely fuck over not only the status quo elite grifts enabled by American hegemony, but also the WEF’s dream of “stakeholder capitalism”.

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Bipolarity means the American-led bloc will have to compete again, due to de-dollarization of the Eastern bloc it won’t be able to maintain what Michael Hudson calls its “free lunch”. This means it will need to embrace developmentalism in order to reindustrialize, which means it will no longer be able to tolerate how financialized Western economies are. In other words, the US Government will have to bitch slap Wall Street to make this work. But Wall Street literally runs DC at the moment, so how is this actually going to work?

Either the mercantile parasites stay in charge and it ends in Soviet-style collapse and defeat in Cold War II, or we are about to see a proper managerial elite emerge in Washington which screws the likes of Blackrock and rebuilds the middle class. 

My money is on the former, but the opportunity to push for the latter is presenting itself at least. It is these kinds of major structural shifts that create the fault lines upon which real political change can occur.


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