The consequences of #METOO

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Some of them are downright beneficial to society:

The Society for Human Resource Management published a report Thursday that documented the result of the movement that called on society to believe allegations of sexual harassment without question.

According to the study, nearly a third of executives report that they have “changed their behaviors to a moderate, great or very great extent to avoid behavior that could be perceived as sexual harassment.”

The CEO of the SHRM, Johnny C. Taylor Jr., explained that “some of the more concerning pieces of data that came out of the research are around the concern that there may be a backlash of sorts.”

“There were men who specifically said I will not hire a woman going forward,” he explained.

“Those who said they would hire a woman said they would not travel with one, and they, more importantly they would not engage in activities after business hours,” Taylor added.

Ironically, a genuine misogynistic woman-hater is considerably safer in the current environment than the most passionate confirmed male feminist. I don’t hate women, but I have never trusted them or believed in their doe-eyed innocence, which is probably why I’ve never had any problem in this regard even though feminists have hated me since 2001.

My habits are pretty straightforward. Don’t touch women and never initiate contact with them. Don’t talk to women outside the friends and family circle except to exchange the customary civilities or to do business with them. Don’t express attraction to women. Don’t betray any emotion or vulnerabilities to women. Don’t permit yourself to be put into situations where you are alone with women. Don’t allow your mind to be distracted by a pretty face or a shapely figure. When in doubt, walk away.

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See also  CNN Ratings Down 71% Because of Trump as Network Faces Consequences from Reporting False Stories

There are a few exceptions, of course, but they are women who have proved, over time, that they are individuals who can be trusted, and not merely in the context of male-female relations either.

At the end of the day, I just like Spacebunny a lot better than the rest of them, so it’s less a series of intentional behavioral guidelines than a lack of interest on my part.


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