The covid false flag continues! NYC is 24 covid cases away from lockdown!

Fueled by coronavirus hot spot zones in Brooklyn and Queens, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in the Big Apple is steadily rising and inching closer to the city’s threshold.

“There is no herd immunity in any of the neighborhoods where we are most concerned or any other neighborhood in New York City,” city Health Commissioner Dr. David Chokshi said during Mayor Bill de Blasio’s City Hall press briefing Thursday.

“This is so important to ensure that people understand that unfortunately the coronavirus continues to be very infectious, continues to spread and so we have to take the precautions that we are embarking upon,” Chokshi said.

According to the latest city data, the Big Apple’s seven-day rolling average of new virus cases is at 526 — just 24 away from the city’s threshold of 550 cases, after which further restrictions could be considered citywide.

That number has been incrementally rising in recent weeks, the data shows. On Sept. 15, that figure was just below 300.


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