The Covid Op Was the Catalyst That Propelled the Entire World Into a Soon Fully Digitized Surveillance State

by Chris Black

This was the actual main goal in my opinion, the vaccine actually being secondary. 

One of the main goals anyway, they always get multiple jobs done with every big operation.

9/11 wasn’t just about war in the Middle East, or securing oil fields, or restricting the power dynamic there, it also made possible the Patriot Act, and laid out the initial infrastructure for the worldwide police surveillance state that was to come.

The vaccines were probably a massive experiment to eventually introduce an entirely new kind of transhuman “miracle” medicine in the next few years as they do a Dark to Light, Ordo ab Chao, Luciferian takeover of the world.

The intention is probably to use all of the chaos we see right now to usher in a New Age of “peace” and “health” and probably a new religion to replace the Old World ones somewhere in there as well. But the all-knowing, all seeing eye of digitized and recorded everything is requisite to the establishment of this New World Order, and to assure any detractors are immediately identified and kept in line, unpersoned from society, or removed completely from the world and all of history. Also to assure the message it will be instilling into its NPC army is synchronized, standardized and available to all, everywhere. 

That’s my current assessment of their plan anyway.

Doesn’t mean they’re going to succeed.

Over the course of the next two years, they will gradually confess to the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work, never worked, and has harmed an abnormally-large cross-section of people as compared to most “normal” vaccines.

This will give them a few new propaganda tools going forward:

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-Leftist-presenting figures will say “gosh, we didn’t know” and use vaccine injury as a way to demonize Trump

-Trump will continue playing the heel and denying vaccine injury no matter how much the rest of the Regime confesses to

-The harms of the vaccine will be framed as a “teachable moment” so that we can use “better, safer, smarter mRNA products in the future.”

-The general climate of uncertainty will be used to promote true, full-blown mass surveillance, including biometrics, with “health and safety” as justification. 

-The sales pitch will be “the more we know about patients and their bodies and habits, the easier it is to treat them and the more accurate that treatment can be.”

-While this would technically be true from a dispassionate medical perspective, it is also a perfect excuse to remove the last remaining shreds of human privacy that exist.

It’s not just that the elite “never let a good crisis go to waste”; they CREATE many of these crises themselves so they can be used as justifications for paradigm shifts that they always intended to bring about in the first place.

I am not so optimistic that they fail, because when the TV finally tells normies the truth about the truth about the vaccines, they might be so irrationally angry that they will accept any “solution” that’s offered to them.

I would like to think that wide-scale mistrust in the institutions has been fomented, but I am sceptical that it’s really enough…


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