The Day Liberty Died & Many American Soldiers Cried

by Thinker

Testing new weapons on the innocent, no matter what the country. How long will the world continue to suffer without justice.

Johnson – Did he sell out the American people? Why did he retract the Executive Orders of John F. Kennedy after he died? One to eliminate the Federal Reserve, and the other to eliminate the CIA. Where would the U.S. be today if the truth would have been told and the Executive Orders in place? President Johnson’s Address to the Nation on North Vietnam. How many wars have men and women lost lives in that were merely for profit?

President Lyndon B. Johnson, “Why We Are in Vietnam”

Blame China or Russia or anyone, and then you can have a war! History repeating over and over again with a different president to make the call. Same call for one and all! President Lyndon B. Johnson, “Why We Are in Vietnam” Press conference, July 28, 1965. How much of the speech was the truth, if any? One nation under fraud still rolling on?