The Deep State’s Biggest Fear Has Come True & There’s One Person Who Is Pleased About It:Dr.Janda

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Average people have no clue how dangerous everything has become…
This main event was never gong to be an easy thing to get through, but Trump has it covered..
I am less paranoid and anxious knowing who is in charge right now..
Trump is very clever and very cunning…
He puts on a good show, but he is no dummie…
America will survive the reset. People won’t go hungry…
Take all of the hurricane disasters as examples of what Trump has already managed to overome..
No one in America will starve as a result of the reset..
The shock and pain of losing so much money will drive people mad..
They will be fed, but they will be pissed beyond belief…
The greatest threats will be rage and riots….
Emergency measures will be taken to keep people fed.

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