The Democrat donor class that run most Hedge Funds are about to find out what wealth redistribution feels like

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The Hedge Fund managers that have been giving billions to Leftist Democrats for decades are about to get a taste of real wealth redistribution. As the hedge funds lose billions on their massive short positions in stocks like GME, the little guys are making all of that money. It is a perfect example of wealth redistribution. Their Democrat candidates have said they want to redistribute the wealth, so let’s see how they like it when it hits home.

GameStop saga is about ‘working class vs hedge funds’: Reddit WSB user

A clash of the classes — “proletariat vs bourgeoisie” — is at the heart of the GameStop (GME) short squeeze saga, says one WallStreetBets participant.

“WSB feels like it’s the working class vs. the hedge funds. The poor vs. the rich,” Twitter user @redditinvestors, who has been following Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum for years, told Yahoo Finance on Wednesday morning.

WSB user and YouTuber Louis Rossmann agrees.

“There’s a lot of pent-up aggravation at the financial services industry that’s been brewing for the last 13 years,” Rossmann told Yahoo Finance.

The “K-shaped recovery” which benefits the wealthy, is part of that aggravation, he added.


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