The “Democratic” Liberal Rule Based World Order is Fake and Gay

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by Chris Black


Golden Dawn – All leadership jailed for 13 years on fake charges related to the death of a radical leftist when he attacked party activists. Golden Dawn was in favour of good relationship with Russia to shield Greece from the USA.


The party Our Slovakia was ruined by the arrest of Kotleba, the leader. He was jailed for NAZI sympathies, after donating 1488 dollars to local families in need. His brother and others are attempting to keep things going, but was undermined by internal splits afterwards, with the emergence of a far less radical national conservative party. Kotleba is in favour of good relations with Russia in order to secure sovereignty for Slovakia.

Nordic Resistance Movement:

Banned in Finland and described as a terrorist group by media and governments. If they had any widespread support they would be banned.


Any party deemed fascist in Germany is banned. Politicians there are now openly talking about banning the limp-wrist AFD under this law – AFD generally wants to stay out of the Russian conflict. Numerous parties have been banned under this law.

In Bulgaria it is against the law to have a party that advocates for a special ethnic group. Възраждане  a nationalist party who just got over 10% of the vote has had to carefully avoid this law, but as they grow in strength, the left is calling for them to be banned. They are in favour of good relationship with Russia to safeguard Bulgarian sovereignty from the USA which is increasing sinking its tentacles into the country, especially the media and NGOs. The last election campaign, nearly all the political parties swore to uphold “Euro-Atlantic values” their words.

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Netherlands has drafted a law to ban any “undemocratic or anti-Semitic parties or groups”

France banned Generation Identity .

There are absolutely many more examples.

Wherever genuine nationalists gain strength, they are attacked by the state and banned. They only tolerate when these people are nowhere near the mainstream and are yelling into the wind. Once we get more popular they crush us, either through direct legal action or subterfuge by state agents.

The places we are most able to break through in are places where they place less importance: Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria.

Even so-called populist and Jew friendly groups are being gone after now. Hungary is in the crosshair.

First it was over resisting LGBTQ, now also due to resistance to Russian sanctions. The Jews have been attacking the Hungarian currency since the start of the year, destroying its value. They are trying to cripple the economy and organize a coup against Orban.

USA even suspended their tax agreement with Hungary and the EU has called them an undemocratic state and is withholding billions of Euro from them. This is what the Atlantic powers do to their allies.

The USA committed a terrorist act against Germany by blowing up their pipelines to Russia – and now Germany has basically admitted it by saying they know who did it but will not say for national security reasons.

This is how the USA protects Europe, by destroying their economy, ensuring that they accept LGBTQ and mass immigration, while they work to steal what is left of European industry and cause an outflow of all skilled labour and industry from Europe to the USA.

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A Europe United partnered with Russia would have been a low cost industrial superpower. Europe under the domination of the USA will be a third world backwater flooded with Africans with no employment and not even affordable heating

America needs a glasnost.

Kanye West is 100% right and has my full support.

He is calling for celebrities and politicians to come out and talk about Jews in public like they do in private.

Let’s have a free and unemotional conversation about Jews and the totalitarian power they have over our lives.

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