The Democrats Threaten to Take Trump Down and They Do It Openly

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by Chris Black

I am aware of the fact that other things are happening besides the Trump-Russia investigation and the now-declassified FISA memo which sparked outrage in leftist circles. The stock market’s wild ride is giving investors high blood pressure and huge amounts of stress, yet there’s not much to say about the issue, except from what I’ve already told you back in January:
“All bubbles in the economy are owned by the Federal Reserve, who is now slowly pulling the life support from the US economy by raising interest rates. ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) is now over, so is Quantitative Easing (helicopter money, the pillars of Obama’s “recovery” via fiat/cheap money), and with interest rates raising citing fears of inflation (also created by the FED via its monetary policy), the companies will not be able anymore to buy back their stock via cheap overnight loans. The era of cheap money is over, and Trump will be held accountable for the planned collapse of the US economy sooner rather than later. Just wait and see.”
Now, moving on to our story, the damning, explosive and hugely damaging 4-page FBI memo was finally released by the House Intelligence Committee and declassified by President Trump last Friday, and somehow this bigger than Watergate scandal managed to mysteriously disappear from the news cycle, as the MSM initially tried to spin it, attack, delegitimize it or discredit it. However, they failed in doing so, as the memo exposes the deep state and one of the greatest political scandals in modern history.
The Obama administration, and in particular the Dear Leader from Honolulu weaponized the FBI (among other institutions, like the IRS or the DOJ), and in collusion with the Clinton campaign, exonerated Hillary and conducted illegal spying to undermine Trump in the 2016 election cycle, and later, when he was elected President. This proves the creation of a secret police and it makes for an egregious assault on democracy, done (as we found from the memo) with the full knowledge of James Comey, Andrew McCabe (his deputy), Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch, Sessions’ deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who appointed Robert Mueller to conduct the Russia investigation, Sally Yates and an out of control partisan cabal. One of the most disturbing revelations in the memo is the fact that the Hillary campaign paid Christopher Steel to produce an oppo-research document, that they knew it was unverified (Steel himself admitted as much while under oath in his Senate testimony, also  FBI Director James Comey described the dossier as salacious and unverified), they knew it was full of misleading/false allegations, yet they still used it as the basis to mislead the FISA court, the judges on the court respectively, to then allow them a fishing expedition, to start spying on Carter Page, then Donald Trump’s inner circle, and then the President himself, including Trump Tower.
The dossier’s “compiler”, former MI6 operative Christopher Steel admitted he desperately wanted to prevent Trump  from getting elected, as he passionately hated the man, and in essence, he was ready to do anything, “by any means necessary”, to prevent Trump from becoming POTUS, or as President, to remain President. In order to do so, he went to the Russian intelligence service FSB (former KGB), with whom he colluded basically, as the Russians provided him with fake intel, to try to make Trump seem like he was an agent of Putin/Kremlin. The key go-between was FBI Director James Comey, Fusion GPS, Bruce Ohr (the key figure in the DOJ, whose wife worked for Fusion GPS), and so together they colluded to produce the dossier, then give it to Comey, and then they went to FISA court. Everything was signed off by Comey 3 times, by McCabe, by Rosenstein, by Obama’s DOJ, again and again, all the way until November 2017, i.e. they were spying on Trump for almost the entire first year of his presidency, knowing full well they were lying and misleading the FISA judge.
Basically, they presented the “salacious” (to quote Comey) dossier as intelligence, when in fact was oppo research. On top of that, to see how mendacious, deceptive and manipulative they were, this was their big corroborating evidence: a September article on Yahoo news. The Yahoo story was planted by Christopher Steel himself by the way. So, they submitted Steele’s dossier to the FISA court, but they did not tell the judge  it’s from Fusion GPS (paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC, and even the FBI), and then they cited Steele to corroborate Steele in order to get surveillance approval. That’s how corrupt they were. Every single one of these actions are crimes punishable by up to 10 years in jail.
The integrity of the FBI leadership has now been decimated. Rod Rosenstein’s integrity and reputation is in shambles. There’s no other way around these facts. The upper echelons of the FBI and the DOJ (aka the corrupt partisan cabal of the deep state) are now facing a crisis, as they engaged in partisan politics in favor of Hillary Clinton and their dear leader Barry, to take down and destroy Trump. They lied to a FISA court, they lied to the American people, destroyed Carter Page’s reputation and career, acting like gangsters, but even worse: they just lied to our faces last week, when they said : don’t release the FISA memo, you’re going to compromise sources and methods, national security, the sky will fall and all that. Now we know it was all fake news and lies. Yet, they’ve changed their story again after the FISA memo was released last Friday, with Comey taunting  House Intelligence Committee Nunes via Twitter saying “that’s it? that’s all you have?”. So, which one is it? A nothing-burger or a fundamental assault on national security and a betrayal of FBI’s sources and methods? It can’t be both.
This just shows you the extent they’re willing to go to cover up their crimes, corruption and abuses of power.  People must start going to jail, or else we’ll not have a Republic for much longer.

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13 thoughts on “The Democrats Threaten to Take Trump Down and They Do It Openly

  1. Even though it is treason and people should hang for it, justice will be served as a big nothing burger with fries and it will be business as usual. Sounds pessimistic? Reality isn’t always what it should be or what we think it should be. Staying inside a bubble and pretending that evil doesn’t exist just empowers evil more.


  2. the nation is toast and the next uncivil war is waiting in the wings ……. exterminate the left and their willing lemmings …….

    • with the deep state being more and more ‘exposed’, they will burn it down before admitting defeat and giving up their power. and they don’t care if the US loses 90% of us. . .

      • And the funny thing about it now is that they are fading, they no longer stand for anything other hate, resist, impeach Trump! They’re even voting against stuff they were formerly for just to fack up Trump!
        I know this sounds infantile, but I seriously believe that our government was shut down deliberately to keep Trump from celebrating his first year in office. These are the small minds that we pay for their salaries.


  3. Attacking candidate Trump = Dirty Politics. Attacking a sitting President Trump = Sedition and Treason. I do not believe that the Executive Branch will roll over on this. This is not a joke. This is an attack on our Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

  4. Deja Vu all over again. That looks like a Headline from many of the Scores of Pre/Post Obama Inauguration articles by GOP/Teapottyheads. I’m supposed to be upset because it’s Trump now? Good enough to use on Obama, then it’s even better for The Trumpster! MAGA!

    • “Deja Vu all over again.’ Nope. Try again leftist liar. Give me ONE article to support your delusion. Btw so sorry, obama is a PROVEN illegitimate president.

      • From Your response I would gather You were born a little before or around 9/11/2001. You sound like a typical know nothing, just saying. As far as the “Birther” BS goes. Yes it was proven that Obama was born in Hawaii’. One need only visit the island to find people who grew up with him. By the way his certificate is: File#151/Dept of Health 61 10641. Certificate of Live Birth. So You have proof otherwise? Right?
        After 8yrs. in Office, His Birth Certificate Authenticity was finally proven false?By You? Why did You withhold this information until He left Office? You alone have the Proof right? Let it out!
        Yes, I am left handed. Therefore I use the right side of My Brain! Whats Your excuse? Righty? MAGA!

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