David Morgan: This Trump ‘Honeymoon Period’ Will Come To An End; Economy Is A Sinking Ship

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Elijah Johnson, Silver Doctors, Released on 1/9/17
David Morgan from The Morgan Report joins Silver Doctors to discuss his new thoughts on president-elect Trump and the economy. Congressional Budget Office data points to the idea an economic collapse is coming, Morgan says. He says Trump may have a real intention to help the economy, but in the end, it doesn’t matter who is sailing the ship.
Even right now, the reality is the average American’s standard of living is going down, Morgan says.
How will hikes in interest rates impact the markets and the economy? Stay tuned to hear Morgan’s perspective on this and also investments in 2017.

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1 thought on “David Morgan: This Trump ‘Honeymoon Period’ Will Come To An End; Economy Is A Sinking Ship

  1. Yes the economy is in very bad shape BUT with some honest people in DC and elsewhere it CAN be fixed over the years. Our Financial System is WORSE. IMO it will take a depression of many years if not a decade+ to recover from the treasonous state our Financial System has been engineered into. Get ready for a serious downgrade in your standard of living as more of our production is sent overseas, taxes are draconianly raised and the piper is in other ways paid for the decades of Financial waste our “leaders” have imposed on us.

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