The economy is done. Open your mind to the new world coming and realize it won’t be like before…

by eyeDR3

There are several telltale signs the economy is about to hit a worse recession than 2008 and possibly a full crash shortly beyond:

-Credit card utilization went from one of the lowest to the highest overnight just a couple months ago

-Credit card debt went from some of the lowest during the pandemic (people were freaking out and trying to think ahead) to highest alongside balances increasing

-Housing is in the biggest bubble in history. That’s a whole thread in itself, but consider the low interest rates and unrealistically high principal. The demand could not be met, especially with stagnation provided by supply chain issues and general retraction of spending due to pandemic woes. Now that a bunch of young and hanging by a hair couples have bought into these homes at high principal and low variable interest rates, they are about to be fucked by rising interest. Many will refinance, but a lot of lending companies will either be extremely hesitant or unable to fix this situation. Many will even go under themselves. Housing was the dumbest damn thing I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Everyone knew but they followed the trend…

-Cars! Just look at that whole situation… Whether you are buying new or used, it’s hyper inflated. People are trying to get as much as they can before the prospective buyer can no longer afford. All of this ticking up in pricing creates waves into other areas until you have things 50-100% above value. Commodities follow trends. If you see somebody get 30-60% more than you list any item for, you’re going to bump up the price.

-Food! There was an amazing thread on food costs inflating. That’s a no brainer. We have to eat and drink to live, not necessarily extravagantly, but enough to sustain. The same grocery bill for most has gone up AT LEAST 30%. Over a few more years, just to eat, you’ll have to use around 20% of your income on average. Insanity.

-Gas! It affects everything. It’s way too damn high right now. I’m personally spending about $200 a month with work in my 26mpg wagon. I have to use 91. That’s $2400 at bare minimum a year. Just a year and especially 2 years ago, I could get away with about $50 a month. No joke. That’s actually about a 400% increase in cost (mind you I’ve been driving longer distance to pick up work, and more) for myself for just driving my car.

-Workforce is running dry. I don’t know what it is, but people will not stay working. Maybe it’s from everybody running around to change their living situation or maybe everybody is generally just checking out. Did that many people actually die? Are there a lot more than we know about? What the hell is going on?! I’m not just seeing “hiring” signs! I’m seeing “HIRING TODAY! HIRING NOW! WORK TODAY!” type signs… Like a desperation to find good workers.

-Everything is becoming more sparse, even essential things. You have had to notice just about everything you’ve been trying to get is either delayed, discontinued or in very short supply. Not good at all! I’m talking things like car tires and parts, home repair items, lumber, windows, metals… Just literally everything I’ve noticed is hitting roadblocks.

-Dangerously divisive discourse. People are at each other’s throats. The PC, SJW rainbow agenda is running very tired on the people. This is going to create a snap back of epic proportions. Tolerance into coercion will awaken the American (and world as we’ve been seeing) rebellion.

-The dollar is being destroyed as we speak, which has really been happening since its inception but never to this degree. We may very well see an entirely new currency introduced, and very soon. The dollar cannot recover.

-Investments are becoming extremely turbulent. If you got in some time ago, like let’s say right as we hit the bottom of that “V” in 2020, you are very fortunate and should consider yourself not only smart, but lucky. Don’t listen to me. Do what you feel necessary. But if it were me I’d be trying to get that shit into physical assets or just generally out of market overall ASAP. You don’t have much time. Don’t wait until it all collapses! Take your profits now and don’t be greedy. You’ve done well.

-War is here, and more is coming. In our modern era, what will this look like? It will be very very different than before. We now have a very soft generation without any of the grit of the past (most of them anyway).

-Necessary raw materials will hit grid lock. Without a bicycle or horse drawn carriage, you won’t be going very far soon.

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-Economic recovery spending such as quantitative easing, as well as artificially lowered interest rates, will not happen again. We’ve jumped the shark.

Overall, doom is right here, right now.

It’s not tomorrow.

It’s now.

This is the birth of the new world order.

We will soon have to faction up and rise.

The NWO will happen regardless of whether we want it, but who will control it? That’s the question.

All your fancy shit, your dollars, your stocks… They will matter not soon.

I am really beginning to see the beauty in gold, silver and other physical commodities, even guns and collectibles.

Water collecting and filtering methods, food cultivation and seeds, livestock, guns, trustworthy people like family and friends, real survival skills and a tough sense of spirit and perseverance are all that will keep us afloat in the years to come.

Can you really say you are surprised?

We are watching a dying society, countries and world.


Any input is hugely appreciated.



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