The economy will tank worse than you think and here’s why

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by ButtsOfficial

F*ck Trump’s bullshit tweet. Obviously beervirus is safe in America. We’re not dumb who don’t wash our hands. But this ain’t mean we looking at green all week boys.

Living in South Korea at the moment, I’m 100% jumping on the 🌈🐻 train. Shit is f*cked out here, and a lot more f*cked than Italy which for some reason is getting all the attention internationally. Italy has what? 150 cases? South Korea has over 900 from literally 30 just a few weeks ago. And this shit ain’t no “only in the north”. Sure, you can say its concentrated in Daegu, but its in every notable province in Korea. Korea is half the size of California with double the population.

The greater problem with Korea is that the people literally don’t give a shit. They turn on the news for 5 minutes, see you have to wear a mask, and go about their today. Buses and subways still packed like sardines. Fish markets f*cking thriving (I shit you not I took this picture last weekend, they just throw seafood on the floor and you get to watch eel skinned alive trying to squirm to the nearest drain). The majority of native Koreans don’t wash their hands. They don’t cough into their shoulder. And they don’t come forward if they have the virus, it’s a pride thing.

The reason the numbers jumped is the government had to make it law to imprison those who refuse COVID-19 testing. Think of all the people these guys came in contact with. 900 cases and increasing. It was 700 yesterday. Subways packed. Buses packed. Masks dont do shit because all they wear are these shitty cloth g-strings and think it blocks their cough, so instead of coughing into their shoulder, they cough into your face.

The news hasn’t seriously considered the impact in South Korea. 100% buy puts on EWY and interpret the rest on your own. All schools including universities here are cancelled for up to the next 4 weeks, and all businesses are advised to do the same.

TLDR; I’m a 🌈🐻 boys. Puts are about to print this week. Ignore 🅱️rump for one second and listen to market indicators and the news. YOLO EWY PUTS TO THE EARTHS CORE


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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