The Emasculation of America: The Left’s Is Busy Neutering Our Military and Law Enforcement

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Back in the days of Reagan, America embraced a ‘Peace through Strength’ policy which played a part in our coming out on the winning side of the Cold War.

The Democrats of today look nothing like the party of JFK who would launch a naval blockade against the Soviets in the Cuban missile crisi

If anything, the Democrats of today look more like Vladamir Lenin promising the people Peace, land, bread, if only they will join in the revolution against the old way of running the country. They have found common cause among the most militant of Marxist ideologies and hold open disdain for everything that holds to America’s founding principles or documents.

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It is not that America has good principles that need to be elevated still further, but it has a rotten history that needs to be knocked down and replaced with … whatever would best suit the radicals at the time.

The militant left loathes any institution which has the mission, mandate, together with the strength of will and the capacity to execute ANYTHING which would project, establish, or defend traditional American values and interest domestically or abroad.

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Domestically, that includes any institution credited with upholding the rule of law. Internationally, that includes our power to project American values and influence — in any sphere ranging from economics to, diplomacy, to military engagement.


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