The End of the World for Hillary Clinton

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by Mark Angelides

The cancer to politics that is known as Hillary Clinton may finally be let go by the progressive left as just one too many scandals have come about…And two of them in the last week alone.
Ignoring all of the alleged crimes that have graced these pages over the last year (because the DNC certainly has), let’s just focus on what stories have come out in the last few days.
Firstly, WikiLeaks has released copies of emails showing that the New York Times would send the coming week’s news to the White House well in advance; supposedly to allow her and her cohorts an opportunity to spin their side before any actual news comes out.
And secondly, that a major Clinton backer put forward half a million dollars for a fund to pay off women who will come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct just days before the election.
The WikiLeaks information shows that Philip Crowley, who was at the time the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs under Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, was receiving briefings on what they were planning to publish up to nine days in advance!

The stories were passed along by a Times reporter. Is it illegal? Not at all. But is it moral to continue stating that we have a free and impartial press? Absolutely not! And the fact that these same people are criticizing the president for calling them out on their complicity have lost all sense of scale and reality.
Just days before the election, Susie Tompkins Buell, a major Clinton donor, put up a cool half a million dollars to a fund ran by Lisa Bloom (yes, Gloria Allred’s daughter), which sought to pay women to come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.
If this sounds familiar, just think what happened to Judge Roy Moore…Same tactics, same family, fortunately, different results.
Bloom claims that she did all of this without the cooperation of or communication with the Clinton campaign…This seems hard to believe.
So with these latest revelations, is the left finally willing to give up their deification of Hillary Clinton? Will they (perhaps as a New Year’s resolution), consign her to the scrapheap of history and finally redefine themselves as a party that actually puts Americans and American interests first?
Or will they do what they always do? Carry on blindly with their agenda and demonizing the very real fears that are held (quite rightly) by the majority of citizens?
What do you think was the biggest scandal of 2017?

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47 thoughts on “The End of the World for Hillary Clinton

  1. she is going noplace, we will be forced to choke at every new tv commercial by her!
    FOREVER, SHE IS AS IMMORTAL as the scumbag sorros, and equally IMMORAL!

  2. Said it before….here I go again (regarding the harassment charges)……
    A simple solution, regardless of orientation, etc…..:
    BAN makeup from the workplace!
    Hollywood offices, DC offices, manufacturing offices…. etc…..
    Ever see a Hollywood celebrity before/after makeup?
    Happy New Year!

    • Exactly what I was thinking for Golden Globes…. #nomakeup,…. let us see these ugly skanks as they really are, come on Hollywood, lets be real, show us what you look like without the $1000 make over, that means you too De Niro and Chris Evans, America haters extraordinaire. Can you picture Debra Messing without make up, sorry, disgusting thought.

  3. Even the most secure media leftoid minion is starting to sweat in the blazing spotlight that the internet brought upon them. NYT and others are actually starting to out their criminal benefactors to save their own skins now that they see how the tide has turned.

  4. I have given up on seeing this horrifying person ever pay for her crimes, so I hope she at least becomes a pariah in the court of public opinion!

    • Unfortunately even that isn’t going to happen as long as the Clinton/Bush crime family cabal controls the media. The New York Times isn’t the only medium that sends their articles to the Clintons and Bushes for review.

  5. .. I think the top 2017 scandal has yet to unravel. 4 decades old allegations against Judge Roy Moore.
    They waited until the R party was past the point of no return, then unleashed it. Moore has been public his whole life. That whole thing smells like rotting fish. The dems won. Harry Ried lied about Mitt on the senate floor, Harry admitted it and was pleased with his lies.

  6. I LOVE Hillary Clinton, and I’d hate to see Her Highness pack up and head home.
    We need her to stick around and continue sticking it to the Dimocrat Party.

  7. No matter what Shillary, Bill, the CF or Obummer have done will change the anointment given them by the MSM, the Dims or their followers. Sad but true. But, WTS, they do keep giving with their continual rants against PTrump as more are becoming aware of their crimes.

    • Not being well didn’t prevent her from stealing the 2016 nomination and almost stealing the general election.
      She hasn’t deteriorated much since. Don’t count her out yet. (And if anything were to happen to her, Chelsea is already waiting to inherit the “rightful” claim to the Oval Office in the Hereditary Monarchy of America.)

  8. Everyone has been paying any attention whatsoever known Hitlery Clinton to be a corrupted warmongering piece of dirt for years — those new scandals will be no different, those of us who already think she’s crap have 2 more crimes to add to their lists of Hitlery crimes, the neofascist scumbags who actually like her have another 2 reasons to applaud her genius for getting away with it all, and the vast majority of corporate media believers will write the new relevations off as “more crazy right wing conspiracy theories to drag the only clean politician out there into the dirt”.
    The Corrupted Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Injustice (FBI) will do nothing, and Sessions will sit it out as usual.

    • Hillary is walking free because the FBI is complicate in high crimes and misdemeanors.
      The CIA and NSA has all the dirt on the Blackmail branch of the FBI.
      The real extortionist are the National Security Apparatus, the Deep State Defense Cabal.

  9. The genuine progressive left have abandoned her ages ago and supported Bernie Sanders. Disagree with their positions as much as you like, but many of them are as fed up with the corrupted warmongering Clinton crime family as the rest of us.
    Those who remain in the Clinton camp are fascists (bipartisan too, remember the criminal Bushes supported her in 2016 and still support her today) and the recklessly incompetent (who still believe anything the Clinton News Network (CNN) and the New York Traitors (NYT) tell them).
    We need the GENUINE (non-Clinton) progressive left and the genuine right to come together to fight the alligators that have come to control large extents of both parties. We can fight over the legitimate things we disagree about later.

      • Not so sure about that – he was probably paid off to not challenge the primary results after Hitlery stole the primaries from him, but given everything he said, I think he actually believed that Trump would be even worse than Hitlery, so he took a bribe to do what he was planning to do in the first place. I strongly disagree about that one (I don’t think Trump has done a good job so far, but I think Hitlery would already have started war with Iran and possibly Russia) and I disagree with a number of his other views (especially on abortion) – but I think he’s rather clean at least compared to the other DC swamp dwellers.
        I might be wrong, but I think a reasonable compromise would be possible with him on many things because he seems to be into doing what he thinks is the right thing to do, not necessarily what is going to give him the most money and power.

        • Unfortunately I believe he is controlled opposition. If not he’d been Heart Attacked or Stroked out or just plain JFKed.
          That said I support him to the end. No other choice. The next administration will complete the Bush/Clinton/Obama complete takeover of our country for da NWO Globalist Banksters..

          • I think he would have been Heart Attacked, Stroked out, accidented or just plain JFKed if they hadn’t managed to steal the primary for Hitlery.
            But given they did manage to steal the primary and he did agree to not challenge it and endorse Hitlery (huge mistake…) he acted as a “useful idiot” for them — getting a lot of his supporters who were thinking of voting against Clinton or not voting at all to hold their nose and follow his endorsement.
            I think if he had actually won the presidency by some miracle he would have been another Carter — well-meaning but misguided guy who has no idea about just how bad some people in his own party are, thereby easily duped into doing their bidding — but I’ll take him over a Clinton or a Bush any day.

          • He filed he was only worth 500 thousand. I’m worth dat! He makes over a quarter million a year and his wife did also. And they saved NO money? I would suspect he is as crooked as the rest with hidden assets somewhere or a lot of snow up da nose!

          • I pray so too. Trump is our last hope. Remember da BANKSTERS funded Marx/Engels/Lenin/Trotsky and HITLER! They play BOTH sides!

  10. I don’t think Hillary will ever go away. Have you noticed that half the sites you visit have her photo lurking down there in the clickbait? I think she will haunt the public consciousness even long after she croaks.

  11. Grand jury + special prosecutor = new orange Hildabeast jumpsuits for many . The “chickens ” Rev. Wright alluded to will start to lay some rotten eggs on Hildy et al.

  12. But oh no….let’s not talk about the two teenage boys that smoked weed and “passed out” on the railroad tracks in ArkanCocaine. Poor hard-dick BillyBoy is showing the effects of a cocaine addict these days. Pay attention, children.

  13. Uranium one, no,
    Hezbollah drug running, no, stealing the nomination and killing Seth Rich for telling the truth, no, the Pakistanis running the Dems classified tech systems, no, Killary cheating in debates….too many, nobody can choose just one!

    • “(snipped for brevity)… too many, nobody can choose just one!”
      Hillary is walking free because the FBI is complicate in high crimes and misdemeanors.
      The CIA and NSA has all the dirt on the Blackmail branch of the FBI.
      The real extortionist are the National Security Apparatus, the Deep State Defense Cabal.

  14. Maybe 2018 will be a good year. It seems her protection is being uncovered and peeled one layer at a time. Need the AG to finally step up. The amount of perceived bias in the FBI and DOJ is disturbing and needs investigating.

    • Sessions should be all over the target-rich environment that is this old bat and he isn’t. Why the reluctance? I can’t imagine that someone has something on this Howdy Doody character, but there is just too much for nothing to be done. What the heck?

      • Certainly brings to question what is going on. If nothing than say so. If investigation is going on, say so. Unless they are afraid of more back of the head suicides to key witnesses and investigating quietly. But nothing ever stays quiet in DC.

  15. The only thing that will completely eliminate the cancer on society known as Hillary Clinton will be when the old hag finally dies. The Socialist Democrats created this incurable disease and now they are the ones having to live with it. You’ll note that many of them are still too afraid to confront the Clinton’s outright. That may be because they fear that the rumors of murder at their hands may be more than just rumors.

  16. Politics has gone from the gutter to the sewer ever since this old bat and her husband came on the scene. They were the ones who’s style of fighting was dubbed “The politics of personal destruction” and confronted America with what the definition of is, is…
    They dirtied the water and fleeced the treasury and they need to go away. For good.
    Despicable human beings, the Clintons.


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