The entire Federal Reserve just got caught insider trading and nobody cares…

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by lolyouseriousbro

It was a headline for like 1 day and then the MSM stopped covering it. This is such a huge deal and most Americans don’t even know/care about it.

Federal reserve members got caught insider trading and using the Fed to pump their own stocks/options they own, at the cost of the US’s long term economic health. They have now printed 25% of total USD in circulation in the last year, inflation is increasing and only gonna get worse soon.

Are we just so used to corruption now that nobody cares anymore? Or is Reddit gonna pretend like huge corruption isn’t happening just cause the Dems are currently in control?

Our entire government is a sham and just a bunch of corrupt rich assholes using their power to get more money.

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  • Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said Monday he is stepping down from his position following a controversy over his stock holdings.
  • Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, who had come under similar scrutiny, announced earlier in the day that he was retiring.
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