The EU is starting to crack, right on schedule.

Now Spain…

Now Deutsche Bank…

Now the Euro…

This is what happens to the US Dollar Index as Europe crumbles and this is just the beginning!

Italy 2 yr yields today. The crisis begins.

I’m Giving It 45 Days: We NEED To See THIS Happen By Mid-July | Bill Holter

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Bill Holter interview on the X22 Report Spotlight

Bill Holter is back to on the X22 Report Spotlight to discuss the latest economic and geo-political events of utmost importance.

Some of the topic included in discussion are:

  • Big picture view of the economy
  • Credit crisis and the emerging market turnoil
  • The rise of China and the competition to the U.S. dollar system
  • Outlook for gold & silver
  • Status check on draining the swamp
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For those topics and a whole lot more, including what Bill needs to see happen by mid-July, tune in to the interview in its entirety below:

h/t LDS-steadfast


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