The FALL Of Las Vegas! – Jobs WIPED OUT As Governor Declares “Fiscal” State Of EMERGENCY

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Kingsley Edwards, CEO of Flote about the fallout in Las Vegas, one of the world’s top tourist attractions as jobs have been wiped out and Governor Sisolak declares a fiscal state of emergency.
So essentially, he shut down all of the businesses and is now shocked that they have no money.
While the world is largely getting more Orwellian, Las Vegas isn’t as bad as many places, but it’s still bad considering the poverty rate.
More than 10% of the state is currently unemployed and with the labor force participation rate, it’s likely much higher. The national unemployment rate is just above 30%, however it is likely as high as 40%.
Mayor Goodman of Las Vegas has been fighting to open up Las Vegas while Governor Steve Sisolak continues to crack down. He has a thing about trying to act like a Californian largely due to the power that he can wield and the vast number of Californians now living in Las Vegas.
We break down the latest from Vegas, why WAM went to Mexico as well as the vast censorship independent media is facing the in the face of this so-called pandemic. The new social media Flote provides an important solution to this problem.


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