The Fall of the American Empire – Economic & Financial Collapse !! ( The economic collapse is worse than the great depression )

by Amy S.  

The American empire is in crisis. The economic collapse is worse than the great depression. We have seen it all these past three months. The coronavirus deaths, the lockdowns, massive job losses, education disruptions, loneliness, depression. And then just when we were turning the corner. Coast to coast protests, unrest, violence, destruction, looting, and chaos. More than 350, that’s the estimated number of cities in which protests have taken place in America in the last 24 hours. One thing is certain, America and the world will never ever be the same again.

The economic fallout of the lockdowns will reverberate for years to come. The US GDP is now projected to decline by nearly 53% in the second quarter. The US exports hit a 10-year low. Trade deficit explodes. The US pension plans warn they will run out of money by 2028. 1.9 million Americans applied for unemployment last week. 42.6 million have filed jobless claims during the pandemic as extra unemployment benefits expire next month. Almost twice as many Americans have filed for unemployment than jobs gained during the last decade since the end of the Great Recession. Since 2010 we created about 22 million jobs. In the last 11 weeks, we lost 42 million.

The monthly jobs numbers for May are expected to show we’ve reached 20% unemployment, and that’s falling particularly hard on minorities. Fewer than half of black adults are now employed, according to Labor Department data. Another 700 thousand (probably 1 Million) manufacturing jobs lost. That’s what’s going to hurt a lot. Each manufacturing jobs supports something like four service-level jobs. We have lost 380 jobs for every confirmed US death from COVID-19. So was it worth it? And we’re not anywhere near done with the bloodletting.

Almost 50 million people have been forcibly unemployed. Their jobs are GONE. Their lives are GONE. They’re about to lose everything. Pillaging and plundering destroy our potential, and after days of this, the rioters may return home to the same. It is a lousy future. No businesses, no taxes and no soup for you because the trucks stopped delivering, Food will be scarce. Lines are down, so nobody knows where to find any. Starvation is on the horizon. The riots have killed what little hope of recovering quickly that may have existed. The riots are a watershed moment for many; few will be able to just go back to work and forget what happened/is happening. The producers in this system have been exposed to the true evil of the eaters.

Their government failed/continues to fail to protect them. Why would any continue to participate at this point? We’ve seen the rubble and trash riot for the past week. That’s bad enough. But sadly, we’re approaching a time when decent, hard-working men who’ve had their lives financially and psychologically destroyed will start “going off.” There’s a horrible scenario waiting to be played out in America. All due to the greed of a corrupt and morally bankrupt elite. The world will become a very sterile and boring place. You take away the office space, restaurants, shopping malls, clubs, what do you have left? What kind of culture do you have? And all the people who used to work in these businesses, what are they to do! I find what’s going on to be very disturbing and shortsighted, ultimately creating a very gray society with no community, a lot of loneliness, and a lot of poverty.

This is how you collapse economic activity, send it into a death spiral. They put the riots and looting in the context of the George Floyd protests for a reason. The last thing they want the sheeple to know is that the civil unrest was due to financial and economic collapse. Bad news means more printing! This is definitely BULLISH for the “markets.”Thank god we figured out the key to survival is having a fake stock market Ponzi; otherwise, all this bad news would be of some negative consequence. In other words, all we have is a fake “market” with insider traders. City of London Banks and hedge funds have been robbing people with this scheme for decades now.

Let’s not forget, the REAL LOOTING is happening in the markets right now. Even if the world doesn’t dump the dollar, which it undoubtedly will, cancer that metastasizes out of obscene deficit spending and the inherent moral hazard, will eat a society away all by itself. It’s on display for the whole world to see right now. The USA is eating itself alive. We are watching Rome burn in real-time. And guess what. The treasury has been looted just like it was in Rome. They will keep printing and printing until it all breaks. It’s intentional! I suspect it’s to break the system to start from scratch with digital currency and fascism.

FED, Politburo, No discernable difference. The USA is a total command economy at this point. USSR 2.0 times 100 kicking off in the streets while “markets” move towards All-Time Highs. In other words, all we have is a fake “market” with insider traders.

The City of London Banks and hedge funds have been robbing people with this scheme for decades now. The oligarchy has used it’s control of the central bank to dump its stocks and get out. The last sucker is the dysfunctional government. The dollar’s days are numbered. Printing toilet paper is no longer enough to paper over cancer, eating the USA alive. It’s the cause of it. The world is going to finish the job here and put the USA in its rightful place in the gutter where it belongs. The days of the USA parasitizing off the rest of the world are rapidly approaching their end. A 10$, drug-addicted whore has more credibility than the USA at this point. Mainstream Media has become a fundamental threat to Democracy and is now the number one enemy of the American people. The 640,000 Iraqi boys and girls slaughtered by some of today’s present-day cops never got one protest march. Cops kill over 1000 Americans each year.

The Mainstream Media picks who gets the publicity. Civil Unrest will be exploited to bring in tyranny. Calling government intervention intended to stop lawlessness, violence, and destruction totalitarianism is an excuse for tyranny. Things continue to spiral out of control in the U.S. as the myth of policing fails, and anti-civilizational forces move into the power vacuum. Tyranny already exists in this banana republic. The Washington Regime and its secret police have been practicing tyranny for quite some time. When a state uses its state security apparatus to persecute and terrorize innocent American civilians, that is tyranny. When a state uses its state security apparatus to marginalize & neutralize innocent American civilians, that is tyranny. When a state uses its state security apparatus to rob and cheats innocent American civilians, that is tyranny. But, wait until you see martial law go into effect.

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All firearms will be outlawed and forcefully confiscated. Resistors can be executed for failing to produce a weapon that an FBI record states you legally purchased. If a firearm is discovered that your claim was lost, you may be executed. Troops can be quartered in your homes. You may be kicked out into the street, your daughters, wife, maybe raped. Curfews will be enforced by deadly assault. Anyone may be shot if seen out after a certain hour. The curfew hours are up to the commander of military forces. Freedom to travel will be curtailed, and tightly constricted. And last but not least, the Constitution of these United States will be suspended until Martial law is suspended. It’s beyond sad how much The Power That Be have succeeded in making us hate each other. And it’s a seething hatred. We’re headed for very dark times.

How is it that the untimely death of one man could spark worldwide protests and riots, seemingly overnight? How is that any protests regarding the coronavirus lockdown are immediately suppressed, but the police look the other way when the BLM protestors take to the streets? Ordinary citizens are given fines for not properly “social distancing,” while thousands of protesters gather with no regard for social distancing. The police do nothing, and the protesters are encouraged by the Mainstream Media. You have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to believe this is not orchestrated. The question is, who is controlling this, and what is the objective! My theory is that the coronavirus panic is falling apart and the people that orchestrated it that needed a diversion. The objective seems to be to destroy all small business and their market share going to the big multinationals.

WE ARE WITNESSING A VIOLENT COUP. IT HAS BEEN PLANNED AND CAREFULLY STAGED. The American people are being played. We US citizens are being set up for the epic collapse of our country. You can see all of the tumblers starting to line up. We are being lied to in every aspect of our lives to drive us insane. We are flying without a functioning dashboard, and we are going to smack into the side of a mountain at max speed. This is a repeat of the fall of the USSR. Peak corruption and lies. I have been tirelessly searching for a way out, but so far nothing. Any ideas out there? Television has conditioned us from birth. Few ever wake up from this programming. The mainstream media and ‘Federal Reserve’ are the same entity, right? They print the money and dominate the flow of information.

They own the United States. They’ve carefully nurtured this atmosphere. Most Americans are trained like Pavlov’s dogs. We cowardly feed the FED’s IRS 26-50% of our hard-earned income each year, though there is no written law stating we must. The empire is rolling back, regardless of who is president. The “uni-power” period is over and was completely wasted. There is no agreement in the USA on the policy to deal with this reality. Some want to use the military and the policies of the last 30 years to extend the empire’s life.

That the US will ‘win, any battles’ is becoming less and less true every year. America has always relied heavily on its carrier fleet to project power across the globe. That fleet is now a sitting duck for modern missile technology wielded by states like Iran and Venezuela, and certainly Russia and China. The loss of just one carrier would be a huge, huge loss of face for the US. It is just a matter of time now that the US will be forced to accommodate a multi-polar world, like it or not. It’s the end of an empire. Nothing will change until The Fed, and its Monopoly money dies.

You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Americans are mind-controlled slaves in the service of their owners. Our culture, our inalienable rights, and freedoms are being attacked from every angle. We just went through a major compliance test and passed with flying colors: house arrest and masks, which are a symbol of fear, oppression, and silence if ever I saw one. We live in The Truman Show and – like Truman – most of us can’t see it. If America continues to abandon the rights and freedom of the INDIVIDUAL, it won’t matter what happens to the physical country or the government entity……America will already be gone. America is an idea, not a geographical location, not a landmass, not a group of people, not a central government, not a currency. America IS AN IDEA. America was founded on the principle that men were given unalienable rights by God that were not up for negotiations.

Those rights include:

  1. Freedom to worship as the individual sees fit, freedom to assemble, freedom of speech.
  2. Freedom to bear arms and defend oneself against one’s own government if necessary.
  3. Freedom of privacy and to own property. That property ownership by the individual was sacred.
  4. Freedom to travel without state restriction.
  5. Freedom from illegal search or seizure; right to privacy. Regardless of what a majority says or thinks, regardless of what a judge says or thinks.

Those rights are for the individual and cannot be taken away without a fight. Washington, DC, has largely become the worst offender of natural rights, free markets, and world peace. Each state has its now own constitution. No need to hang on to the federal one. The misguided belief that it can be redeemed is what holds us back from applying lessons learned to new ones. The USA needs to balkanize. It’s the only way we will be free of DC, The Fed, and the Military-Industrial Complex. America, the US Corp (1871) is the problem. It’ll be much better once we move to the Constitutional Republic. They ( US corporation ) is the District of Columbia – a city within A city within a state – this is the only thing They own – not Us or anything in the states – once they go bankrupt that is all they own – they do not own us or anything else – let them all sink to the bottom along with the all the federal reserve and then return to the US Republic – then start anew.

We have always been slaves—exactly the same. Money is a grant on other’s unwilling working time. When they create it to infinite, they are just empowering themselves with the right to ORDER WHATEVER FROM YOUR AD INFINITUM. It could be reasonable for a small period to fix the economy, but they are simply looting all they can right now. This is now TIME Slavery. Like in the middle ages or in the Pharaohs times but using subterfuges. With a small caveat. Your work won’t be needed very soon with AI and Robotics, and your very life will be a cost on their spheric “Garden.”

THIS IS NOT YOUR WORLD. You are living in Enemy Territory. DEBT LAND. SLAVER LAND. Collaboration is against your own interest in infinite Slaver Printed Land. This is not about races, religions, or genders. It is about having a system that works for all or works AGAINST THE PEOPLE. This monetary system is OBSOLETE. It is a basic measure of the value assigned to the “holder” of a token granted by ANY MEANS. He manages to obtain it. It does not contain intrinsic value when the MEANS in which it is granted are meaningless. That is what is happening. We have to move to a system with a data structure that allows measurement of what is worthy and meaningful by its own properties and real “intrinsic value.” KPIs (Key Point Indicators) of what is really needed. We have the technology to provide such data structures in a fair manner layering a proper foundation far from greed.

We could remove prisoner dilemmas and create a win-win system instead of empowering zero-sum psychopaths that endanger the whole system. But will they allow it? America, the country was awesome. The empire is the problem. America, the empire, is a huge pox on humanity. The United States of America is a country. THE UNITED STATES is a corporation, which took over the country in 1871. Yes, it needs to fail. We need to get back to The United States of America and its constitution! America was doing fine until the Fed took over.



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