The FBI infiltrated left wing Portland protests, including in the summer of 2020 and post inauguration protests in January 2021….

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by Settlemente

I am shocked that an agency that infiltrated the Black Panthers, helped plan the kidnapping of the MI gov, and spied on MLK would still be doing COINTELPRO Larp-ing.

Crazy how much destruction occurred in protests the FBI attended. Government agents were paid to stand by and record crimes while telling Americans far left protests were mostly peaceful.

Why is the FBI still around after all the domestic survillence during the civil rights movement?

I don’t agree with much of the far left on anything. However, government agents who are supposed to stop and prevent crime should not be dressing up and hanging out with protesters. Protests should be peaceful. If the government is so concerned about violence they infiltrate the groups, then why go on tv and saying those same protests you infiltrated are all good?

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Daily Mail story.

Pamplin media (far right screenshot).

Independent UK article.

NY Times investigation (which all other articles discuss. paywall)

From The Hill:

The newspaper added that, while an FBI informant was in the crowd on Jan. 6, there has thus far been no evidence to indicate that similar tactics were used for the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol earlier this year.



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