The Fed Is Flipping- Massive Policy Error

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The Fed Is Flipping- Massive Policy Error

The Fed has made a massive policy error! Will this mean higher #inflation and a catastrophic impact on the economy? To discuss this and much more, Dave Russell of GoldCore TV welcomes #JohnMauldin of Mauldin Economics. John reveals his real reason for having #gold in his portfolio and the only 4 equities he holds in his investment portfolio.

Highlights from the interview:

What does The Fed’s hawkish shift mean for the market? Are we in serious trouble?

Is there trouble on the horizon for the property market?

Does wage inflation have a cascading effect?

What does the stock market’s future look like?

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What does a one-quarter-percentage-point increase in interest rates mean for the bond market?

In the face of a taper tantrum or a stock market crash, can Jerome Powell keep raising rates?

What drives John’s decision to keep gold in his portfolio?

Is the dollar about to crash? Is the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency set to change?

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