The Fed & The Treasury Have Created A Massive Fraud In Gold & Silver That IS Going To Blow-Up

BIll Murphy interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Just the latest round of class-action lawsuits on gold price fixing are being filed against investment bank JPMorganChase because of the confession by a former futures trader for the bank who has pleaded guilty to manipulating the monetary metals markets.

This brings the “Hall of Shame” to no fewer that SIX major banks accused of or fined for rigging the metals markets in recent years.

Are regulators turning a blind eye? Why? Who’s calling the shots, why does this all matter (a lot) in the grander scheme of things, and what’s next?

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Bill Murphy, co-founder of the Gold Antitrust Action Committee (,) returns to Reluctant Preppers to shed light on this shrouded and pivotal area. Murphy details the drastic consequences likely to follow once this deception can no longer be perpetrated with impunity, and what we can do NOW.