The Fed’s Chairman Jerome Powell Just LIED To the American Public! Here’s PROOF.

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The Federal Reserve is the most secretive public organization in the United States. The power that they wield is unknown to the public. It claims to be a central bank acting in favor of the American public but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Markets have been aggressively buying the dip here in early 2019 as the Fed continues to spread their propaganda throughout the media, ensuring the public remains calm. But what’s really going on?

THIS IS THE TRUTH! You don’t find this information in the mainstream news. The real deal. But look at how many views. Probably only a few thousand. It’s not “trendy” enough I guess. Oh well. At least you came here for the truth.

Canada was bailed out by the Fed.
The Fed bailed out institutions all over the world.
The Fed’s REAL balance sheet is much larger than $4 trillion.
The Fed has never really been fully audited.
The Fed has a “permanent” and unlimited lifeline with other central banks across the world.

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Jerome Powell:

Balance sheet will not be at where it was before crisis. Too much money has been created.

Claiming the Fed is very transparent.

Fed is self-funding. We buy securities and make profit. 1.7 trillion in currency. We earn the spread. Then claims the excess profit after expenses is given back to the Treasury.

“The Fed is audited.”


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