The Financial Reset Will Remove The Old Guard & Give Birth To A New Power

The Financial Reset Will Remove The Old Guard & Give Birth To A New Power

I wonder how this country and government will look a year from now.

X22 Report date: 01.09.2019

Dems create false flags with Russian bots and now use fake Facebook ads before elections. [RR] says that he will be leaving the DOJ, marker confirmed. Trump tweets out about forest fires in Ca, but uses two r’s in forest, does this stand for Rod Rosenstein. Judicial watch says the illegals are bringing diseases into the country. Trump has meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, no deal, next national emergency. [HRC] tweets to donate to the children. Brazil quits UN migrant pact.[RBG] misses another day on the bench.

X22 Report date: 01.08.2019

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It is not going well for Theresa May, she has now set the date for vote on Jan 15. The auto apocalypse is now hitting Germany, China and the rest of Europe and don’t forget about the US. People are not buying new cars as they use to. German industrial production has declined. Job opening begin to tumble, we are starting to see the same signs we saw back in 2007-2008. Trump tweeted out something very interesting, he just called out the DS and the CB

X22 Report date: 01.09.2019

May seems to be in trouble with the BREXIT, this deal is not for the people and she knows it. This is a deal for the central bankers and the elite. US consumer credit has hit an all time high, with credit cards, auto and student loans. Fitch is threatening to downgrade the US credit rating, they credit agencies wanted to do this under Obama but forced them not to. The yellow vests are planning to withdraw their funds from the banks, the world is waking up and the central banks are next. 


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