The Financial System Is the Titanic Heading For the Iceberg! Financial Crisis Part 2

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Do you believe that people have financed their lives with maximal debt? Is this sustainable?

The financial system is at risk. The regulatory agencies have once again looked the other way. They have stepped aside while mega corporations have ballooned up, far beyond our imagination. All the while, the middle class has been evaporated, erased into the pages of history.


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Crude oil | 1946-2018 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast | News

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Earnings-Growth-StockPrice-061918.png (882×643)

5-Year-Avg-Wages-GDP-Productivity-040518.png (774×433)

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Wages-Inflation-AnnChg-030718.png (978×538)

National income: Corporate profits before tax (without IVA and CCAdj) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

A record number of folks age 85 and older are working. Here’s what they’re doing. – The Washington Post

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Smart technology sees through walls to track and identify people

Jorge Guzman on Twitter: “Compensation, $15 dollars per hour. PhD strongly preferred.… “


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