The Five Responsibilities of Fathers as Prince, Priest, Prophet, Provider and Protector.

A responsibility to lead
A responsibility to seek God
A responsibility to pray
A responsibility to provide for others
A responsibility to protect others

• Father as Prince: a father’s responsibility to lead
Men are created to lead.

• Father as Priest and Prophet: a father’s responsibility to honor God by Asking and Answering The Big Three.
1. Where do I come from?
2. Why am I here?
3. Where am I going when I die?

• Father as Provider and Protector
A father’s responsibility to provide food, clothing and shelter for others and to protect the innocent, the beautiful and the good from physical, spiritual and moral harm.
These two responsibilities of a father are simple, too, and straightforward, but they are not easy.

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It’s a privilege to be a parent, a privilege to bring children into the world. Your responsibility as a father to your children is to love their mother and work toward her good, but she’s your cherished companion to be honored, not tyrannized.

We all know this is not easy.

Men have fathers’ responsibilities and women have mothers’ responsibilities. We are radically equal and radically different, but children require time and attention. It is the rare mother who doesn’t want to be with her child, at least for the first formative years. It is a father’s responsibility to make this possible and a husband’s privilege to work with his wife so she has choices. We have responsibilities so others may have privileges. It’s what we do. Being a responsible husband and father deserves respect.



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