The Food Crisis Is Already Here! Be Smart And Buy Food, Water And Necessities Before Toilet Paper…

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…Or You May Starve To Death While Surrounded In TP

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Weather, bottleneck supply chain chokepoints, shortages of fertilizer, labor shortages, gasoline, a cyber attack on a farming co-op, and a number of other issues have all strained the supply chain to the point where it is broken.

Yes, there is still food in the grocery stores, but as we have shown in our food shortage pieces, with visual evidence, there are also plenty of empty shelves, limited selections, and front facing products with nothing behind them, clearly indicating either a shortage or an inability to keep the store shelves stocked.

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Either way there is a large variety of consumables that when someone reaches for them at the store, they touch nothing but empty air.

In many cases, different states and different stores are showing shortages of the same products, such as the dairy sections, more indicative of a product issue than a stocking issue, as shown below.

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