The Four Prosecutors Who Just Won Elections In Virginia Were All Backed By George Soros, Are the people of Virginia aware of what they have done

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Here’s why George Soros, liberal groups are spending big to help decide who’s your next D.A.

For years, Democrats have accused the Koch brothers of using their vast wealth to buy elections by backing Republican candidates.

But now, they are doing something much worse.

They are using the money of the far left billionaire George Soros to elect far left candidates to important legal offices in politics.

They are trying to remake the American system of justice into a ‘social justice’ system.

In Virginia, all of the prosecutor candidates backed by George Soros won.


Are the people of Virginia aware of what they have just done? ( as a virginian I can tell you, NO they dont!)

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Tucker Carlson: Soros Changing Criminal Justice System

I’m not a researcher, but something Tucker Carlson said on his show, last night – 11/05/2019, seemed like he was almost prodding his viewing audience to look into it.

In the segment last night, Tucker was questioning why Soros was trying to change the criminal justice system in some county in Virginia.

I can’t find the segment on the Internet today – not even on the Fox News site, but I found a segment from June 2019. It is basically talking about the same thing – only in Philadelphia.

Globalist Billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg Bankroll Democrats to Control Both Legislature and Governor’s Office for First Time Since 1999



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