The French Revolt Against The New World Order: The ‘homogenization’ of countries into a new One World Order governance is a meme whose time has come and gone. Free-thinking people do *not* want the suppression and surveillance society the NWO seeks to impose globally.

by axolotl_peyotl

The architects of the NWO had hoped to override man’s natural inclination towards tribalism and national pride with the ultimate goal of one-world governance.

It seems, however, that they are having a much tougher time than anticipated, as countries like Great Britain and France appear to not be playing ball.


via activistpost:

The man who lives under the servitude of laws takes, without being aware of it, the soul of a slave.”
… Georges Ripert (April 22, 1880 – July 4, 1958) a lawyer in France

Have the people of France finally had enough of the apparent New World Order agenda being forced upon them by the former Rothschild’s banker, current-but-probably-not-much-longer, French President Emmanuel Macron?

How Macron was elected ought to become a “Problem>>Reaction>>Solution” lesson plan on geopolitics at the global level, since the European Union probably is a ‘testing milieu’ for the NWO push to fulfillment of the grand plan as seemingly catalogued in the United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, in my opinion.

Civil/citizen protests by hundreds of thousands in France have been ongoing for three weeks, with more planned for this weekend of December 8-9, 2018.

What’s going on in France is spreading to other countries of the European Union.  The citizens of various European countries finally have realized they have lost their true identities as who they were before the EU takeover.  They feel they no longer possess their true cultural identities of centuries past; they want to take back their ethnic pride and self-determination of their past heritages, and rightfully so, in my opinion.

The ‘homogenization’ of countries into a new One World Order governance is a meme whose time has come and gone, since free-thinking people want less control over their lives by NWO control freaks, nor do they want the suppression and surveillance society the NWO seeks to impose globally, i.e., 5G, the Internet of Things, a different, but exploitive, monetary system and, ultimately, criminal climate control to effectuate their sordid plans for population control.



France’s Yellow Vest Protesters Just Won Against Macron





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