The future of Syria & Venezuela are being played out simultaneously & in parallel, the origin of these conflicts is the strategy of the Pentagon of destruction of the state structures…

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National Unity in Syria and Venezuela

by Thierry Meyssan

As we alone announced at the beginning of the month, a decisive step towards peace was made simultaneously in Syria and Venezuela on September 16th. The two nations no longer force themselves to negotiate with terrorists, but their governments have undertaken to build a new regime in conjunction with their patriotic opposition.

The future of Syria and Venezuela are being played out simultaneously and in parallel. This is normal, because the origin of these conflicts is not local, it is the strategy of the Pentagon of destruction of the state structures, first in the “Enlarged Middle East”, then in the “Basin of the Caribbean” “(Rumsfeld / Cebrowski doctrine [1]).

Debunking the Putin and Netanyahu/Israel work together canard

By The Saker

October 12, 2019 “ICH” – This will not be an analysis or even a commentary. Neither am I siding with, or expressing support for, the Turkish military operation in norther Syria. Finally, I am not discussing the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of the Kurdish Independence movement. All I propose to do here, is to draw your attention to a series of facts and logical imperatives which, in my opinion debunk and falsify the disinformation campaign aimed at convincing us that Putin and Netanyahu are working hand in glove or, even better, that Putin is a puppet of the Israelis. So, with that in mind, here we go:

Fact1: The creation of some kind of independent Kurdistan has been both an Israeli dream for decades and a crucial element of the Israeli plans to “reconfigure” the region.

Fact2: The Turks could *never* execute that attack without Russia’s agreement. Not only does Russia have some of her top-of-the-line integrated air defenses in northern Syria (the Khmeimin Aerospace Forces base and the Tartus naval base), she also has very powerful EW and SIGNIT capabilities. The only way for Turkey to try to force their way through that air defense “cupola” would be to attack the Russian forces in Syria which would result in a war with Russia which Turkey has no chance in hell of winning.

Fact3: The Russians also have a lot of weight with the Syrian government who also had to agree to let the Turks operate in their skies. Remember that while the Syrians don’t have air defense systems as sophisticated and powerful as the Russians, they now have a pretty decent and effective integrated air defense system (as shown by how easily it defeated US cruise missile attack). If the Russians really wanted to do Israel’s bidding, they could have also convinced the Syrian to defend their airspace. Finally, the Syrians could move forces in an oppose the Turkish invasion. None of that happened.

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