The Global Warming Fraud Costs The World $1.6 TRILLION a Year

by Natura Naturans

The TRILLIONS already spent on the global warming fraud will soon spark demonstrations everywhere and outright revolution as in France. As the world cools(down now half a degree wiping out any global warming of the past 200 years) everyone will realize governments have lied to them. Here is how much hard earned tax dollars have been stolen by these fraudsters:…ion-a-day/…lobal-bus/

Since the big El Nino in 2015 temperatures have plummeted half a degree around the world.…id/860837/


As temperatures have declined and cold weather has become normal “the people” will revolt, sick of the lies from their governments and mass media princesses. France is only the first stop on this train, not the last.


Global Warming Scare Is Based on ‘Careless and Amateur’ Data,
What were they thinking?

The fate of the planet is at stake, but the key temperature data set used by climate models contains more than 70 different sorts of problems. Trillions of dollars have been spent because of predictions based on this data – yet even the most baby-basic quality control checks have not been done.

Thanks to Dr John McLean’s Audit, we see how The IPCC demands for cash rests on freak data, empty fields, Fahrenheit temps recorded as Celsius, mistakes in longitude and latitude, brutal adjustments and even spelling errors.

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The Hadley data is one of the most cited, most important databases for climate modeling, and thus for policies involving billions of dollars.

McLean found freakishly improbable data, and systematic adjustment errors , large gaps where there is no data, location errors, Fahrenheit temperatures reported as Celsius, and spelling errors.
Almost no quality control checks have been done: outliers that are obvious mistakes have not been corrected – one town in Columbia spent three months in 1978 at an average daily temperature of over 80 degrees C. One town in Romania stepped out from summer in 1953 straight into a month of Spring at minus 46°C. These are supposedly “average” temperatures for a full month at a time. St Kitts, a Caribbean island, was recorded at 0°C for a whole month, and twice!
Temperatures for the entire Southern Hemisphere in 1850 and for the next three years are calculated from just one site in Indonesia and some random ships.
Sea surface temperatures represent 70% of the Earth’s surface, but some measurements come from ships which are logged at locations 100km inland. Others are in harbors which are hardly representative of the open ocean.
When a thermometer is relocated to a new site, the adjustment assumes that the old site was always built up and “heated” by concrete and buildings. In reality, the artificial warming probably crept in slowly. By correcting for buildings that likely didn’t exist in 1880, old records are artificially cooled. Adjustments for a few site changes can create a whole century of artificial warming trends.

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Such are the inaccuracies in the data record, McLean believes, that it is impossible to know how much global temperatures have really risen.

But he estimates that of the 0.6 degrees C that the planet has warmed since 1950, perhaps one third has been exaggerated.

So the real figure, he estimates, is a warming of 0.4 degrees C in the last seven decades.

“Most people can’t even notice a change in temperature of 1 degree C for one moment to the next. So the idea that governments are spending so much money on the basis of a rise in temperature a fraction of that spread over almost 70 years is just idiotic beyond belief.”

The Hadley Centre and Met Office will find it difficult to dismiss McLean as a crank. In March 2016, he advised them of certain errors which they promptly corrected. So he’s an authority they take seriously.…s-on-land/


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