The Global warmists intentionally lit Australia on fire for their agenda

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by durp16

Here is my source:

We all remember Greta and her virtue signaling, crying about mass extinction and the world falling apart. Those forest fires, yes, they could be natural, and the social policies point to that being a probable cause, but how did a fire get so big?

My theory is that the global warmists intentionally set those fires, so they could scare people into the whole global warming cult, then demand people to give them free money so they can do everythinf that they want. They want to create a globalist government, and it is working. Governments are stealing people’s money, but don’t use it for building nuclear powerplants, which are much better than solar or wind.

The governments use the money to use children like Greta, so they can virtue signal.

If any if you have heard of the Victoria Falls in Africa, u may have heard that it’s dry. No, it was only in its dry seasin, and other Africans acknowledge it.



I BLAME CLIMATE CHANGE: 24 Australians arrested for deliberately setting fires this season.

UPDATE: I’ll see your 24 and raise you: Nearly 200 People Arrested In Australia For Deliberately Lighting Bushfires.


Australian ‘bush’ fires – No way is this a natural catastrophe – video 31 min

looks like the Globalist have got Australia

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