The Globalist Media Is Indoctrinating People For an Entirely Selfish Reason

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by Mark Angelides

We are all aware that the MSM is following an agenda and that their purpose is not to inform the population (or their specific viewership) of events that are taking place, but rather to shape narrative. This is known by pretty much everyone, but what is often unexamined is the reason behind their shocking betrayal of trust.
Two of the most prominent theories are:

  1. They are under the control of the Globalists. The media is owned by a select few people (George Soros directly owns more than 30 media organizations in the US) who are part of an international group of Globalists who are pushing an agenda that will lead to the One World Government. This is why Globalist candidates in elections all over the world are given free passes and lauded to the high heavens. And the reverse being that non-Globalist candidates are smeared at every opportunity,
  2. The Media was never free; it was designed as the mouthpiece of Government. Some would say that from the beginning of media conglomeration, it was always the government awarding licenses and allowing the monopolies to form because they were the people behind it. They use the media as a tool to get their viewpoints accepted and drive the population to certain positions in the political spectrum.

But what if the truth were a little less conspiracy driven, and entirely more selfish?
The MSM are freely following the Globalist agenda because they WANT to be the official government body that communicates between the leaders and the people. They WANT to be given the stories and the angle spoon fed so that they can just massage their egos knowing that they have some relevance in the world of Social Media and the real free press websites that are popping up on a weekly basis.
They are behaving like compliant little lap dogs (no offence to dogs) because they feel it gives them a more powerful position, and this is the reason that they are so anti-Trump.
Donald Trump has done what very few leaders have been brave enough to do…He has tried to connect with regular people through direct platforms. He is still holding rallies in different states, and more importantly, he is using his Twitter account as a weapon to bypass the MSM.  There are clearly some issues with trying to convey policy and intent through 144 characters, and many may not think that Trump is much more than another puppet in a long line of puppets, but the connections he is making though Twitter are clearly against the selfish interest of the Media conglomerates.
And here is the real point. Bypassing the MSM and using channels of communication that are (for the moment) free of interference, is the only way to get REAL information spread. Twitter is a big platform, but it rigs results and censors in accordance with the government…there are however alternatives:

  • is the same basic platform as Twitter but has a strict anti-censor code.
  • News sites such as this one (IWB) allow free comment and have voices from the whole political spectrum writing articles.

If you know of any other platforms for spreading ideas that are free from censorship, please let us know in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “The Globalist Media Is Indoctrinating People For an Entirely Selfish Reason

  1. If it were just that, wouldn’t you expect at least ONE news outlet to see that there’s an entire market nobody is filling – a news outlet that actually tells the truth?

  2. 3. The psychopaths chosen to mislead the public REVEL in their power to misinform and mislead. As Mika Brzezinski said, “That’s OUR job.”
    “Trump Thinks He Can “Control Exactly What People Think,” But That’s “OUR JOB”
    Don’t underestimate the power of a highly networked willing collection of psychopathic minions for the oligarchs.

  3. President Trump needs to do what Putin did in Russia to get rid of the ZioCON/Communists. He BANNED people with DUAL CITIZENSHIP from working in the Russian Government. Then he started to prosecute oligarchs who were looting Russia and most of them fled to Israel to avoid prosecution. If President Trumps would follow President Putin’s example, the USA could be saved.

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