The Globalist System is Too Entrenched to be Broken Down – But We Should Still Be Aiming For Small Triumphs

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by Mark Angelides

If we look back at the last 30 years of politics, the sad reality is that very little has changed. Every few years we get crazy about which politician or party we should be voting for and feel that the world is likely to end if our chosen “savior” fails to win. Unfortunately, this is the expected (and desired) reaction. The present political system wants us to be invested because it allows them to assume a mandate that they would otherwise not have.
But enough doom and gloom; there are ways in which things can change despite the system rigging that takes place. And the key to achieving real change is through us, being focused on the small picture as opposed to the big.
When a party puts forward a manifesto, there are often several sweeping reforms proposed and a mass of tweaks to current legislation: an extra penny on or off tax, a widening or narrowing of school districts, a program that helps a minority group or two. But of course, the sweeping changes will always end up watered down or thrown out (think Wall, Travel Ban etc…), and some of the minor tweaks will go through. The key is to turn the minor tweaks into long lasting change.
Some suggestions for minor reforms (with larger results):
Veteran Housing: In 2014, there were an estimated 49,933 homeless veterans (which is a definite decrease from 2009, but still far too many). A program that allows veterans to access assisted housing or even a series of shelters/training centers (with support staff, preferably veterans themselves) would help reduce this number by a lot.  Not all people who are homeless feel that they can live “inside”, and often substance abuse can cause issues, but if even halt this number could be given the help they deserve and have earned, then it is a worthwhile policy.
Prioritizing Genuine Refugees: The US, UN and the EU all recognize and officially class what is presently happening to Christians in the Middle East as a Genocide. With this in mind, we should be giving Christians priority refugee status (front of the queue status). It is unlikely that there will ever be government will to stem the flow of refugees and Asylees into the US or Europe, but this one small act of saving the persecuted Christians before they are all gone is worthwhile.
Farming Protection: With the amount of small farmers being forced to shut up shop, small tweaks in legislation could at least allow small hold farmers to be free of regulations that were put in place to control and manage the Monsanto style companies.
These are just a few small tweaks that with the right pressure in terms of questions, proposals and campaigns could be cross party approved. They are not big, they will not in any way help bring down the Globalist system, but they might make life better for a few people who really need the help.

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