The Globalists Again Try To Undermine Donald Trump – But How far Will They Go?

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by Mark Angelides

Europe’s newest “puppet on a string” has taken the time out of his busy schedule of ignoring the internal struggles of his nation to take a swipe at Donald Trump. In a response to trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, he called on anti-Trump “Americans” to help him “Make the planet Great Again. I believe the saying about getting your own house in order fits pretty well in this situation.
In Paris, women are afraid to travel around the suburbs because of groups of Muslim males threatening, propositioning and in some cases assaulting them.
The website reported on a recent petition to the mayor:
“SOS La Chapelle on Friday morning launched a petition on demanding the Paris authorities urgently do something about the harassment, drug-dealing and street crime plaguing the area.
By Friday evening, by which time the petition had gathered nearly 2,500 signatures, Paris city hall issued a statement saying it was aware of the acute problem of harassment there, even if it did not believe the area to be a no-go zone for women, and that action was being taken.
“We will not tolerate an area being prey to acts of discrimination against women,” said Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo.”
As reported in the Sun:
“An 80-year-old woman from the troubled area of Chapelle-Pajol even claimed she was sexually assaulted on her way home one evening.
Another woman, 38, also claimed that the cafe beneath her flat has become “men only”.
The area has changed dramatically over the last year owing to the influx of gangs of single men, drug dealers and migrants, reports Le Parisien.
One mum even claimed she had stopped letting her 12-year-old girl out on the street after she was accosted by a gang of men.”
And whilst these news outlets could be accused of buying into illegitimate fears, the sad fact is that women are being attacked at a greater number than ever before.  The streets are in fact less safe than before. And the threat of Islamic terror is at an all time high. These are problems that Emmanuel macron should be dealing with…Not a legitimate policy decision by the leader of a different nation.
Farmers are in the process of killing themselves across France because of the detrimental effects of EU legislation (an EU that Macron fully supports). This is an issue that Macron should be dealing with.
Where does Macron believe he derives the moral authority from to ask people of another nation to undermine and frustrate the actions of a democratically elected leader? He is not a French President, he is a European Union President. He does not represent the people of France, he represents the interests of the EU Commission.
There used to be a thing called Diplomacy, but since the Globalists now believe they have a right to rule, diplomacy has gone, all that remains are threats and subversion.
regardless of your opinions on Donald Trump, his actions can be seen to be representing the interests of Americans. Can Macron say the same?

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3 thoughts on “The Globalists Again Try To Undermine Donald Trump – But How far Will They Go?

  1. Trump, is their (the Banker King and his minions) man, he wouldn’t be in, if he were not -in. Don’t even think he can be unseated, he cannot. Trump, and his carrying-on battle with the left, a distraction, only. A distraction, like watching the Muslim thingy is distracting us, something far more sinister is about to happen, I think. Venezuela, is an example of the whole world being merciless, people, are merciless, thinking good enough -for them, but, when the chickens come home to roost? We are showing our disdain for people far from us, we are being programmed to not care, so, when it does hit home, don’t expect any help when you have never given any. If Trump were a real man, a real hope for the world, and not an employee of THE UNITED STATES COMPANY, then Trump would show the world the way, starting with Venezuela. The Earth is domed and flat, there never were any Dinosaurs, humans, are the creation of the Annunaki and, Trump is a COMPANY man, only. Some truth, to while away the time, in between wars.

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