The GOOD NEWS so far… reasons to be optimistic about the final victory against globalism, satanism and tyranny

by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Although America is being torn to shreds by Marxists, race-baiters, anti-White haters and anti-freedom left-wing journalists, we believe that the good guys win in the end. And that means patriots, Christians, truth-tellers and people who are trying to protect and defend human civilization (and human life) instead of destroying it.

Despite all the horrific news that seems to dominate the headlines these days, there is legitimate justification for optimism and the recognition that we still have the most essential tools needed for victory against evil.

In today’s Situation Update, I go through these important realizations. For example, right now you have advanced knowledge that the fiat currency system is going to experience a near-total collapse. That’s like being able to see the future, yet you can act on that future today and prepare yourself for the fallout that will commence. Given that most people have no clue what’s coming, you are in a highly advantageous situation right now. You have knowledge of what’s coming, while most other people only have their heads filled with propaganda and lies from a tyrannical regime that’s literally trying to achieve the destruction of America.

Similarly, while the Biden regime will no doubt attempt to carry out a massive false flag event followed by nationwide gun confiscation of semi-automatic firearms, we believe most people will refuse to comply. This is especially true, given how the Democrats have defunded police, causing violent crime to skyrocket across America’s largest cities. Right now, today, you can still purchase firearms and ammo through regular legal channels, and you can gain knowledge and experience on how to defend yourself from the aftershocks of the societal collapse that’s coming.

In today’s podcast, I also share which piece of software you can acquire for free that will allow you to download entire websites (like this one) so you can have off-grid knowledge and information that will even work when the power grid goes down. (You’ll need a local battery bank or solar charger to run your laptop or tablet, of course.)

Also, because most people are utterly oblivious to the engineered food collapse that’s coming, right now you can still buy groceries, food dehydrators and long-term storable food solutions that simply won’t be available much longer. (Our own Ranger Buckets at the Health Ranger Store just got wiped out over the weekend, but we will have them back in stock in the last week of July, with a new production run. You can click on the product name and enter your email address to be alerted the minute they’re back in stock.)

There’s still time to prepare for what’s coming

In other words, as bad as things are getting by the day, there’s still time to boost your preparedness status and get ready for the full-on collapse that’s coming.

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At the same time, if you’ve been following my work, you already know that you can grow your own spike protein remedy in your back yard. You have the knowledge of how to protect yourself from spike protein bioweapons, even though most of the masses are completely oblivious to this.

Because knowledge is power, your knowledge makes you ever more powerful in gaining control over your personal outcome, no matter what catastrophic events unfold in the world around us.

Listen to today’s Situation Update podcast for many more examples of legitimate good news about where we stand today and how We the People can defeat evil, reclaim America and end the left-wing Marxist assault on God and country.


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Tomorrow’s podcast is about how America is being transformed into “Venezuela meets Truman Show.”


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