The “Great Financial Indicator” that every Wall Street guy is looking at right now…

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by DesmondMilesDant

Respected Traders,

** Edit 10 march 2022 :

  1. I am not expecting a crash rn. I am saying a fake exit liq rally from march 16 to q3 will come and then we crash -50% in q4 out of the blue.
  2. I admire Warren Buffet’s style of reading balance sheet. He is the best in that case. But as a TA guy not so much.

Hope you guys are doing well. In my last post I talked about how my great country “America” is going for a 1000% certainty of a “Recession” press tour. On this tour i believe we are gonna hear many interviews being given by CEO’s of big banks and managers of big financial Institutions, possibly hedge funds too this time around. They will all sit before Congress and give interviews about how

“No one saw this coming”

Big CEO’s in front of congress in 2023 or 2025 or 2030

So for those folks who are successfully out of the market and sold the top (*crying inside) the big question arises. What to do with this constant itching on hands to get back into the market. So i hate to break it to you. Stay in cash while watching animes or any good series. Comment below if you want suggestions.

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Cash is a haven

Now lemme explain why cash? why not buy gold and get some returns, or why not 401k, or why not do FDs or bonds and get some returns. Well friends its because the liquidity is drying up. Surely you can see it all over the equities, bond market and other markets, too, all across the globe. No rally lasts longer than a week. Now this drying liquidity combined with the case when in 2008 the government had to come forward and destroy everyone’s 401k. I can say it’s not for sure, but I have a feeling.

Now about Gold. You see Gold, too, crash with the financial crisis, but it rebounds, but not fast, but in the longer term it will outperform other indexes but not individual stocks. So when i see index bleeding -20% again or -50% ( god hope not ) gold will fall too because people will be selling gold to buy FAANG at -80 to -90%. Tesla at pennies. I’m talking about a 3 or possibly 4 sigma style bubble collapse.

Gold Financial Crisis Collapse

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So now that we have established the proof ” Only cash ” so

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Where to buy the gigantic dip

For this I went to visit the two best players I could find in town. Michael Burry, who shorted the housing bubble, and Warren Buffet, who bought the dip. Unfortunately they didn’t let me enter so i went home, and did research and found the interviews and analyzed some things.

Warren Buffet actually isn’t a great investor. He just buys the market at the median lines called the “Buffet Lines ”

Michael Burry is what i found the most calculative and maths lover kind of guy. He uses technicals so i just drew the basic technical fib on my charts. So now people, without any more delay i give you my

Dante Cash Deployment Indicator

If you make it this far. I just have to say it ” I love you guys so much ” This community is the most active financial community i have ever found ”

Thank you for reading

Till then



See you all at “Recession”



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