The heads of South Africa are confiscating White owned land, and the media is silent.

Wanna bet it wouldn’t be this way if it were the reverse?
White’s lands are being confiscated in South Africa. The media is dead silent on the issue while the media is in a frenzy for any perceived injustices against minorities in the US.
If you truly don’t believe the media isn’t biased and isn’t treating groups differently, this is all you need to know.
If you’d like more information, here you go:

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This man who called for the white genocide in South Africa, is now at the head of government. A new law was passed to deliberately take farmland from white people… The media is silent. It’s up to you to make our voices heard

I spent most of the day reading up on it.
This happened already in Zimbabwe and was a total disaster. No farmers > no crops > no food and no jobs. So much so that they reversed the decision.
Seizing land is also against the UN’s rules, so this would make them eligible to be refugees. The US could take them since they speak English, already have the education/job experience and combined with hard vetting, would fit in well here.
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