The Illusions & Distractions At The Heart Of The Refugee Admittance Program

by Mark Angelides

Mass Media coverage of the “Worldwide Refugee Crisis” has largely been filled with either human interest pieces talking about how terrible the conditions of the home countries are, or lambasting the lack of charity which Western governments are offering in terms of refugee placement. And this is done on purpose, because the Agenda wants stable nations to take more and more people whilst still ensuring that a certain level of guilt is felt.
The reality is, that each nation is free to set its own refugee admittance number which is changed each year. And the US is the world’s top resettlement zone.
The Congressional Research Service’s: Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Policy points out some interesting information that is at odds with what the media would have us believe.
“By law, the annual number of refugee admissions and the allocation of these numbers by region of the world are set by the President after consultation with Congress. Each year, the President submits a report to the House of Representatives and the Senate, known as the consultation document, which contains the Administration’s proposed worldwide refugee ceiling and regional allocations for the upcoming fiscal year.”
It is entirely within the Presidents prevue to set an admissions policy that ties in with the fiscal ability of the government. At $20 Trillion in debt, surely the admission of thousands more people would prove to be an unmanageable burden. The fact that the US is having to borrow money at an unheard of rate to EXPAND its program is cause for concern.
If you want to know how many “refugees” will be coming in 2017:
“For FY2017, the worldwide refugee ceiling is 110,000, with 96,000 admissions numbers allocated among the regions of the world and 14,000 numbers comprising an unallocated reserve.
An unallocated reserve is to be used if, and where, a need develops for refugee slots in excess of the allocated numbers.”
But if you think that is the actual number of people who will arrive in the US this year as essentially “Wards of the State”, think again.
In Congress’ own words:
“Asylees are not included in the refugee ceiling. There are no numerical limitations on the granting of asylum.”
So not only are there guaranteed to be at least 96,000 newcomers under the label refugee. But Asylum seekers could outnumber this amount by many times. As they say, there is “NO NUMERICAL LIMITATIONS”.
So while the MSM are berating you for taking only a measly 100,000 a year, remember that they are not counting the actual Asylum seekers. And here is where the “magic” happens. These two groups (Asylees and Refugees) are purposely conflated, confused and misused. Even the Wikipedia entry for Asylum in the United States gives ONLY laws and information pertaining to Refugees.
This is a can trick being played on you. They show you a number, tell you how small it is and demand you take more. Europe and America are at breaking point; formerly well off nations such as Sweden will spend 33% of their whole budget on dealing with the refugees, migrants and Asylum seekers that have turned up cap in hand.
If you want to look for a country that seems to actually put its own people first, try South Korea. IN the last 2 years, they have accepted 3 refugees from Syria. This low number is for two reasons.

  1. The South Korean government does not consider Civil War a contributing factor for refugee status. (They have after all been in that situation themselves)
  2. As the Vice Minister pointed out “we have seen what has happened in Europe, and we want to protect our women”.