“The Internet” Is Now A Massive Coordinated Data Mining & Social Control Too

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by FunctionVoidBig

Honestly, I am not sure why people haven’t figured this out yet. I figured out something was up when gaming forums like NeoGaf just banned all politics discussion, Yahoo removed comments, and tons of other sites removed comments in coordination. Youtube is removing downvotes, many videos (including official Whitehouse videos) don’t allow comments anymore. Even sites like 8chan that weren’t corporate controlled were basically purged from the internet. All social media purged high profile people in coordination. The list goes on.

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It is obvious at this point that the internet isn’t what it used to be. It literally exists to accomplish two primary objects – 1. Massive data mining for govs and corporations and 2. A tool of social control for govs and corporations.

Honestly, I will probably be deleting my Reddit account in the near future. Reddit was the last place where you can communicate with others where I actually had an account. I deleted social media years ago.

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PREDICTION: I think the internet is about to become dead to a lot of people. I honestly don’t even think I will use it anymore for anything other than email, banking, and checking the weather. I say this as a millennial with a f*cking computer science degree. “The internet” just isn’t the same anymore. It sucks now. Like everything else that jumps the shark, maybe people will see the internet as something that just isn’t cool anymore.


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