The jabs aren’t effective: 37% of those testing positive in Seychelles had both jabs!

Some 37% of those testing positive had received both doses of a vaccine, it said.

To date, 57% of those who have been fully vaccinated have received the vaccine from China’s state-owned drugmaker Sinopharm, while 43% have received AstraZeneca shots, it said. Nearly 60% of the population have had two doses, the WHO said.

The ministry said 80% of those needing hospital treatment had not been vaccinated and tended to be people with co-morbidities. The ministry could not immediately be reached for further comment.

A pine!

Big news, eh?

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Seychelles ran a massive vax campaign and leads the world in the numbers vax’d. And yet, they’re going back into lockdowns because of an outbreak where a big percentage of those getting COVID were fully vax’d.

Delhi study shows 1/7 jabbed hospital workers got COVID anyway:




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