The Job CUTS Will Be PERMANENT. Expect Massive Defaults At A Historic Scale.

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The Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet again. No surprise there. The government has long ago run out of funds, increasing their deficits at record speed. No surprise there either. The jobs are going away in many cases permanently. That puts extreme deflationary pressure on the economy as a whole. Which in turn gives the Fed an excuse to keep the printing presses rolling, funnelling money directly to their friends in high places. Now watch the docile many, cling to their $1200, beg and plead for more from the Federal Reserve, not knowing a single fact about them.


Assets: Total Assets: Total Assets (Less Eliminations From Consolidation): Wednesday Level (WALCL) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Americans Agonize Over $1,200 Relief Payments That Won’t Be Enough

2020-04-16 (2)_0.png (811×592)

Cantor Plans Hundreds of Job Cuts in Break From Wall Street – Bloomberg

Guggenheim’s Minerd Sees Chance of S&P Falling as Low as 1,200 – Bloomberg

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Give Me 5 Minutes and I’ll Prove Why You Must Sell All of Your Stocks and Buy Just THESE 4! – YouTube

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U.S. leading economic indicators sink record 6.7% in March as coronavirus spreads – MarketWatch

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2020-04-17_7-08-53.jpg (1194×707)

Half of the world has asked the IMF for a bailout, chief says

IMF says half the world has asked for a bailout – CNN

These 10 colleges are receiving the most federal bailout money

Tampa Bay Times gets federal loan to help with revenue losses caused by pandemic

Charlie Munger: ‘The Phone Is Not Ringing Off the Hook’ – WSJ

Moody’s May Cut $22 Billlion of CLO Bonds on Pandemic Losses – Bloomberg

Research: Rating Action: Moody’s downgrades Mexico’s ratings to Baa1, maintains negative outlook – Moody’s–PR_422013



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