The Key Indicators of the Real Estate Crash Unfolding in 2020. HUGE Disparities Right Now

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We have never seen a time where such disparities existed. They are referring to it as the K shaped recovery. For some, everything is booming, for others, it’s never been worse. What do you think is going on right now?

This is what the future looks like. You’ll see this today of course, but every street corner will be filled with those who fell into the downward spiral. Every country today is going through a series of events that are always seemingly assisted by those in control. They’re helping us, they say. But meanwhile, they are really just causing the problem in the first place. But will the public ever wake up to this fact?


FHA Mortgage Delinquencies Reach a Record, Led by New Jersey – Bloomberg

Subprime Mortgages Fall Massively Delinquent. Taxpayers on Hook. Housing Market Splits in Two | Wolf Street

NYC Landlord Stepping Up Back-to-Office Campaign With Banks – Bloomberg

MTA Preps Commuting Doomsday Scenario for NYC If No Aid Comes – Bloomberg

Trudeau’s Deficit Balloons With Income Support Smashing Records – Bloomberg

U.S. Stock Market Looks Overvalued to Corporate Finance Chiefs – Bloomberg

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(8) Julien Bittel, CFA on Twitter: “Generally speaking, when markets rise w/ volatility, bad things happen…” / Twitter

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Robot Boats Leave Autonomous Cars in Their Wake – WSJ

Bed Bath & Beyond cuts 2,800 jobs in restructuring move –

Gap is closing more than 200 stores this year ::

Marks & Spencer to cut 7,000 jobs – MarketWatch

Two more Wells Fargo branches close in North Carolina, including one in Mooresville – Charlotte Business Journal



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