The Las Vegas Shooting – Massive Inconsistencies

by Mark Angelides

This is not an opinion piece, this is an article pointing out the huge amount of changing reports and inconsistencies that have occurred since news first broke of the horrific mass-shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. What should have been a series of basic facts reported by the media has turned into a circus of contradictions and mistakes.
As reports began coming in late last night, it was reported by all major outlets that the gunman had killed two people, critically injured 14 others, and that there were about another 14 with lesser injuries.
Just a couple of hours later, the death toll had risen to 20 dead with up to 200 people injured. This is a major leap in numbers, and is a mistake that seems almost inconceivable to make…but then the numbers changed again.
The latest reports have the dead numbered at 58 with almost 600 people injured! How is it possible that with the scores of news crews on the ground that the numbers jumped from 2 to 58 dead, and 28 to 600 injured?
And then there is the case of the shooter himself, identified as one Stephen Craig Paddock. The first reports that came out suggested that there were possibly three shooters; this was then revised down to one (an understandable mistake that can happen easily, especially if there were multiple shots). But the police reported that they had “taken down” the shooter. This was about to change.
A couple of hours later it was reported that Paddock had shot himself as the police and SWAT team had entered his room.  Was this just bad reporting or a miscommunication?
The internet has been ablaze with various rumors, each one trying to outdo the last in laying the blame.  Firstly, the subject was misidentified as someone else entirely. Then accusations came out that he was a right-wing gun nut. And then came the counter allegation that he was a leftist anti-Trump activist.
Then came reports that ISIS had claimed responsibility and that Paddock had in fact, converted to Islam some months ago. This is as yet unverified by security services.
But now that the ISIS Genie is out of the bottle, more videos are emerging, such as this onein which a woman claims that around forty-five minutes before the shooting began, she was told by a woman who was escorted out of the concert that they were all going to die tonight:
Is this all just a case of the 24-hour news cycle getting things wrong in their desperate bid to run a “hot story”? Or is it a case of major disinformation and “interference running”? What are your thought? Please comment below.