The Las Vegas Shooting – Massive Inconsistencies

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by Mark Angelides

This is not an opinion piece, this is an article pointing out the huge amount of changing reports and inconsistencies that have occurred since news first broke of the horrific mass-shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. What should have been a series of basic facts reported by the media has turned into a circus of contradictions and mistakes.
As reports began coming in late last night, it was reported by all major outlets that the gunman had killed two people, critically injured 14 others, and that there were about another 14 with lesser injuries.
Just a couple of hours later, the death toll had risen to 20 dead with up to 200 people injured. This is a major leap in numbers, and is a mistake that seems almost inconceivable to make…but then the numbers changed again.
The latest reports have the dead numbered at 58 with almost 600 people injured! How is it possible that with the scores of news crews on the ground that the numbers jumped from 2 to 58 dead, and 28 to 600 injured?
And then there is the case of the shooter himself, identified as one Stephen Craig Paddock. The first reports that came out suggested that there were possibly three shooters; this was then revised down to one (an understandable mistake that can happen easily, especially if there were multiple shots). But the police reported that they had “taken down” the shooter. This was about to change.
A couple of hours later it was reported that Paddock had shot himself as the police and SWAT team had entered his room.  Was this just bad reporting or a miscommunication?
The internet has been ablaze with various rumors, each one trying to outdo the last in laying the blame.  Firstly, the subject was misidentified as someone else entirely. Then accusations came out that he was a right-wing gun nut. And then came the counter allegation that he was a leftist anti-Trump activist.
Then came reports that ISIS had claimed responsibility and that Paddock had in fact, converted to Islam some months ago. This is as yet unverified by security services.
But now that the ISIS Genie is out of the bottle, more videos are emerging, such as this onein which a woman claims that around forty-five minutes before the shooting began, she was told by a woman who was escorted out of the concert that they were all going to die tonight:
Is this all just a case of the 24-hour news cycle getting things wrong in their desperate bid to run a “hot story”? Or is it a case of major disinformation and “interference running”? What are your thought? Please comment below.

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105 thoughts on “The Las Vegas Shooting – Massive Inconsistencies

  1. According to an FBI source they found tons of Anitifa propaganda in the shooter’s house but it is being covered up. It is also being reported that the shooter used an id from his former roommate. The roommate was allegedly located in a middle eastern country. Apparently the shooter’s facebook page also had a bunch of left wing antifa propaganda but his page has already been removed.

      • Ding ding ding….. you win!!! Skunk, my friend I am with you 100% on this one. How else did they get the guns up to the hotel room considering everyone is on video the second they enter Vegas and also any hotel is under 24 hr surveillence….and how did they have two different sounding autos firing simultaneously? I think Paddock was just a dead body left for the cops to find and murdered before any shootings took place…why 2 windows blown out? Two shooters very familiar with shooting autos. Why would the patsy use his gf’s ID and not his own? How did the cops know who the H his brother in Florida was within hours? This all smells to high heaven. Just another gun grab by the Communists in Washington….to “make the US citizens feel safe we need to take ALL their guns away” so we can invade them with no fighting back.

    • Even though automatics are extremely hard to get in the USA, they will push to ban SEMI-AUTOS. These kikenvermin will use every trick in the book to take guns from Americans so they can do to them what they did to Russians. We have stupid people already calling for a TOTAL gun ban and arming the police with automatic rifles to stop anyone doing anything “crazy” ever again…….talk about numb nuts who do not know their history. Tell me what good automatic rifles would have been for the police in this situation? Can you imagine 30 cops spraying the front of the building with auto gun fire? I knew the narrative would bend towards a white guy doing it as soon as it happened.
      The white man with a gun is the jews BIGGEST ENEMY, and they need to turn all Americans, and indeed everyone on the planet against the white man with guns. Everyone else is too fucking dumb to see they are being played by the jews, and led down the garden path the mass slaughter.
      It makes no sense what they have said about this guy for him to do what he did.
      The article is correct in questioning why it was first reported as only 2 people dead, 24 injured. At 60 dead and 600 injured there would have been bodies freaking everywhere with blood running down the streets. I haven’t seen anything like that.

      • All those casualties and not a single cry for mother from the concert goers. BS like the guy at Manchester bombing that said he was blown through double-doors , 30 feet, rose to his feet uninjured, only to find himself in the blast zone (bodies strewn around him). They never heard of lung-concussion injuries that killed so many brave souls at Normandy 1944.

    • Well, you can always tell the totally phony conservatives. Once they start spewing their Jew-hating, covert, inbred KKK, latent homosexual stupidity they stand out like the knuckle-dragging idiots they truly are.

      • We know the real history, and what is coming is not going to be pretty. You are either a jew yourself or an incredibly ignorant white guy who does not understand them. Why the insults? Why resort to homosexuality? Where did that come from? Your psychological “projection” needs more work.

        • Oh, geez! Is that the best you can do? Why don’t you and your buddies go out and have a few beers and go paint some obscenities on a synagogue? Everything you “know” about the “real” history could be placed in a capsule and stuffed … no … dropped … into the rectum of a gnat.

          • Paint some obscenities on synagogues? haha! The jews do a good job of that themselves to cry the eternal victim. I will listen to people like George Patton thanks……he knew what was going on. Like I said, you are either a jew, or extremely ignorant of them. There is no other option.

  2. The inconsistencies will continue to grow as the elitist’s operatives fine tweak and hole plug their false flag.
    It is no coincidence that as America approaches a total economic, social and civil collapse with 300 million guns in civilian possession, that the now greatest gun death incident by a civilian has occurred.
    50+ innocent deaths by an individual are an abhorrent tragedy. But 50 million deaths indirectly by Jewish globalist bankers is worse. Stay focused.
    ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ — George Santayana
    Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control

    • His brother said he wasn’t. I am puzzled how he had so much money and other resources. FBI? A lot of similarities to the “Batman” shooter here. So far, his only verifiable job was General Dynamics for 2 years.

  3. Remember the OKC bombing, and how the main stream propaganda news jumped to the conclusion that it was a middle eastern terrorist. Turned out to be a deranged veteran.

        • “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the U.S.” ~ Robin Cook, former British Foreign Secretary

  4. What I’m curious about are the reports and video of shots coming from the 4th and 10th floors while the ‘shooter'(?) was located on the 32nd floor?

    • Didn’t hear that yet. Guess the old fart was a really busy shooter running from window to window and floor to floor!!!! Can hardly wait for the movie on that one….!!!!

    • They want you to give up your guns over a few hundred they covertly kill, so they can overtly kill 100 million of you!

      • The 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution is coming up Nov 4th….don’t you think the Communists could care less how many Americans are murdered for their Commie cause? They would LOVE to take over this country instead of hiding behind names like Senator this or Congressman that? There are MORE Communists in Washington than anyone realizes!!!! They want to enslave our country and it’s citizens and probably KILL at least 300 million so only a handful is left to grow the crops and livestock for them to enjoy……

        • There are way more of them in America, and western countries than people understand. It’s not a couple hundred thousand antifa or commies, it’s probably closer to 20 MILLION when you ad up those that will help behind the scenes.

  5. Could someone please explain just HOW did the “patsy” get all those weapons up to his hotel room considering EVERYTHING is on camera in Vegas!!!!!????? You are monitored when you first ENTER the city. duh!!! This defiitely was an INSIDE JOB….probably a FBI/MOSSAD collaboration. I guess this is something to shove the NFL crap off the electricjew….and the Puerto Rico scam and Russiagate. Yep….that’s more than enough to make everyone forget the fake news….let’s give them MORE fake news…only on steroids….!!!!

  6. Screw this!!! I’m still trying to find out how a person can go to an unidentified country without her ID and credit cards!!!! In my experience that is when you need it most!
    Second! How did they find this woman in an unidentified country within less than 8 hrs!!!!
    Third! How did they determine she had nothing to do with it?
    Fourth! When did she leave? How soon before or after the incident did she leave?
    Surely, since they made their determination so quickly they readily have the answers to these questions! Otherwise, usual false flag BS to keep us on edge! ANYTIME YOU THINK THERE IS A FALSE FLAG…OF WHICH THERE ARE MANY…SINCE LOVE AND LIGHT FROM YOUR HEART TO NEUTRALIZE THIS BS!!!

  7. And why 19 weapons. I could logically see two long guns and one or two hand guns, But 19 beggars belief.
    The only thing that does ring true. Theres an agenda/agenda’s working here.
    To marginalize Trump and the right.
    And a libtard grab. Will be forth coming.
    Actually the shooter seems to be more of a strawman.
    Judging from what I’m reading.
    I won’t at this time speculate.
    We need connections.
    M.O. not quite the same as the other mass shootings.
    I’m gonna wait for more.

  8. two windows out on the Mandalay, widely spaced… was that a huge suite? if explosvies used by cops to blow the door, why only 2 windows affected so widely spaced apart? the cops killed him, no he killed himself.. smells. if the gf is ‘out of the country’.. how could she’ve left w/o her ID, that he supposedly used to ‘check in’? smells.

  9. We strip search and humiliate them at the airports. We spy on everything they do. We
    have now been given an opportunity to strip them of any means of
    protecting themselves from the usury we have planned for them.
    Without their guns we can rape their wives and daughters and take
    everything they own. Don’t worry about Trump, he has willingly
    turned his back on every promise he ever made to the deplorable s and
    he, with the help of his Kosher white house advisers, will support us
    when we go all in to take away their guns. — Duel citizenship
    members of Congress.

  10. Smells like the deep state is getting ready to move on Americas democracy and I can honestly say if Trump is somehow removed at this point there will not be another election for some time. So much corruption has taken over our country and I believe the plan is to cover it up through civil war. Therefore, I believe it would be a smart idea to now carry a weapon for your own safety if you are permitted in all cases.

  11. Very likely: Unplanned shooting (if it were a false flag of some kind, the media would have been told in advance what to report), so initially they reported what actually happened.
    Then the Deep Staters wondered how they could use it to their best benefit, one faction said “let’s make it an ISIS attack so we can bomb the Middle East” (feeding that to the “news”), another faction said “let’s make it a Trump supporter so we can oust him and install God-Empress Hitlery” (feeding that to the “news”), and both factions thought they needed to inflate the numbers to make their scapegoat of the day seem more scary (resulting in the new numbers being reported).

  12. Not sure what to believe – the easiest is to pray for those who lost their lives or injured regardless of the total number. Soon the liars will stop spinning their lies and the truth will emerge; expect a new news cycle on gun rights when the perpetrator (s) had weapons not available to non-military or non-law enforcement personnel. This begs the question of how did he / she / they get them.

  13. It’s difficult to believe anything in the mainstream news anymore. Wildly inaccurate and often contradictory facts cloud what happens in such shootings. I imagine the intention is for us to be very afraid all the time. The current official version is a wealthy retired guy who liked to play poker somehow smuggled nearly 20 weapons and over 1,000 rounds of ammo into his hotel room and “just decided” to start picking off concert-goers. 15 minutes of sustained shooting in one of the most heavily-patrolled cities in the country and there wasn’t a pile of casino security at that guy’s door within a minute or two? Anyone on or near his floor would have immediately called the cops. The ‘facts’ as reported by the press do not add up.

    • 6:30pm Monday and still no word on what kind of weapon/caliber. They have been looking for an untraceable Russian machine gun for 2 days now. They will come up with one somehow someway. Then, it will be announced and blamed on Putin.

  14. i) In the initial reports I read yesterday, the report said ‘At least one dead in shooting in LA’ – You can do the extrapolation yourself. Either it’s just a low body count, you think, so not much of a US story in that regard horrible as that may sound – or this is going to go much bigger and authorities are trying to comprehend the scene – you can’t expect accurate fatality figures IMMEDIATELY. Police cordon off areas. Medics do their stuff. Next of kin have to be informed. The gawping public have to bloody well wait. So that’s the post’s first point dispensed with and binned
    ii) The shooter’s death – Either the SWAT team lied about the guy’s death and they executed him on the spot or he shot himself. WHo cares? OK we don’t get an insight into motive. Most likely – there’s nothing no motive at all. American society is breaking down and things like this just happen and will do so with increased frequency as time goes on. They shoot Islamic nutters here in Europe. But what sense can out get out of somebody who is prepared to do something senseless in the first place? So there’s no real inconsistency here. You unload clips into crowds – you’re going down either by your own hand or some panicky cop. End of.
    The rest of the piece above just says “Hey! What? The internet is full of people spouting inconsistent garbage. It’s as if they’re just guessing at what’s happened at a pretty complicated situation.”
    GEE thanks for this – I hope you get your five dollars or so click-fees cos I can never get back the minute it took to blow your shit away.

  15. Alternate theory: Stephen Paddock was registered in that room. Let us postulate that the real shooter(s) knocked on his door, entered the room, then killed him so they could use the room as a sniper’s nest, then fled, leaving Stephen to take the blame.
    Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

  16. Ha, there is so much more bullshit than what you said. Roommate/wife. She’s being questioned/ she’s in the Philippines/she’s in china/she’s in Japan..the photo we saw all day is the wrong photo” “he carried 13 suitcases into the hotel”! PLEASE! “A cop shot him/ he shot himself/the cops had a shoot out with him/he shot himself.” He fired for ten to fifteen minuets/ he sat in the room for 45 min and just stopped shooting, just so the cops could come up and he could committ suicide. Then there’s the part about him being a postal worker/accountant/real estate mogul/pro gambler”. Such crap! This poor sap took the rap for something he had zero to do with.

  17. First of all who ever said the Mass media is the Holy Grail of Truth? Youre right about the inconsistancies..there are videos shot by people on their cell phones that have been “removed” from you in particular where the driver(apparenty picking up her kids) says the shotting is coming from the lower floors(10th) flashes can clearly be seen..Very interesting about the woman warning people ,they were going to die..and 45 minutes BEFORE the shooting..was she a whistle “False Flag” staging(I believe this is what it was) sometimes large group of “actors” are hired(“Crowds on Demand”) could it be ,something went wrong or plans were changes and she was warning actors? for the alleged could he,a older 65 year old Grampa type man,physically handle all thoes rounds and hold 2 assault rifles?? Not likely! I think he is a Patsy..

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