The Last 4 Times THIS Happened, The Stock Market Crashed! Top Indicator Shows Only Months Away!

I’ve shown many charts which lead up to this moment. Things keep happening in patterns and it crashes in the end. You don’t want to risk betting on it but ultimately it repeats over and over. This is one of those times. Do you think the Fed will see the weakness and volatility and begin either QE4 or reducing interest rates in the near future?

There are certain financial indicators that are interesting, others that are important, and few that are critical. But overall, we need to see all of them and continuously keep up with them to be able to determine the direction of the markets and assets. Take a look at this.


Yield-Spread-10-2-Treasury-040318.png (937×487)

total debt iif q4 2017.jpg (890×589)

Fed-Funds-Libor-SP500-040918.png (812×558)

‘Single biggest change in capital markets, maybe of all time’: China launches oil futures that could topple dollar | Financial Post

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