The Last 4 Times This Silver Price Metric Was at This Point, It Rallied

by Kimble Charting Solutions

The gold/silver ratio (atypically shown here in the reverse as the silver/gold ratio) has been a very accurate buy signal for silver time and time again.

When the gold/silver ratio reaches 80 (or as displayed here in the inverse, about 0.125 as the silver/gold ratio), it has always paid off handsomely to load up on silver at those times:

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Numerous times over the past 20-years the ratio has found line (1) to be support, where a rally in the ratio took place, reflecting strength in Silver over Gold.

The decline over the past few years has the ratio testing support again near the apex of a potential bullish falling wedge.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silver attempting breakout at 20-year support by Chris Kimble at Kimble Charting Solutions on 5/22/18


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